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Why Protecting Yourself Is Limiting Your Life

Are you still energetically protecting yourself? Energy protection is outdated... time to expand!

Have you been protecting yourself from “bad” people? Do you put your bubble of protection on before leaving your home? I too used to protect myself and today I am going to give you reasons why protection is outdated, time to expand!

Protecting yourself is limiting your life. When you put up walls of protection all you are doing is stopping yourself from receiving information.

The reality is you are a receiver. Your body is a receiving organ always receiving information from everyone and everything. When you “protect” yourself what you are doing is stopping the flow of information. You are literally cutting yourself off from the information the world is giving you. You want to become the receiver. Allow yourself to know everything there is to know. When you protect yourself from “bad things” you actually stop yourself from receiving the information, therefore, blocking your awareness.

Have you ever had someone do something to you like take advantage of you? And your response may have been, “I had no idea they were capable of doing that.” Well, the reason you had no idea they were capable of that is because at some point you protected yourself from the information, therefore allowing the very thing you were protecting yourself from to enter your life. It's like you put up walls in front of your face guarding you against the energy of that, but in reality, all you did was put on a blindfold. If someone is capable of taking advantage of you, you want to know. You don't want to “protect” yourself from it. You want to see it, feel it, know it so strong in your gut so you can choose not to be around them.

My oldest daughter went to Chicago last year for college. I wanted her to be armed with her awareness, not protection. So I taught her how to expand and acknowledge who people are and what they are capable of doing. Because let's face it, if you know someone is capable of kidnapping you, aren't you more apt to make a better decision in their presence? If you know someone is capable of molesting children are you going to leave your kids alone with them? Isn't now the time to stop protecting yourself and start being aware of everyone and everything. After all this world is a scary place. Arm yourself with awareness.


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