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Words from literally all over the world

Here is what some of my past clients have to say:

Tanya Wuchner,

Intuitive Coach

I started working with Jamie just over a year ago and have connected more strongly and deeply than any other coach I have ever worked with. She gets who I am. Jamie has helped me to both view and live my life in a completely different way. I see how my choices create my life. I’ve gone from feeling wrong, frustrated and lost to having more confidence, direction and ease with everything in my life. I greatly appreciate everything she’s done and can’t wait to see what else we can create together.

Robin Dinaso,

Intuitive Coach

I've been worked with Jamie for a year and she taught me an entirely different way to live life.  This has allowed me to know the difference between my energy and everyone else's. I use to feel like the affect of my life, but not now!  Now I can process energy and life with ease instead of anxiety.  When things come up on a daily basis, I have the tools to get clear and clear energies, which helps me to actually live my life.  Her teachings have given me what I  needed to change my life. And I continue to become more aware and move forward each day, I no longer feel stuck. I have more confidence, clarity, and peace than ever before! I cannot express enough, that this work will change your life!

Koula Stoll, Medium/Intuitive

So many amazing changes happened since I’ve worked with Jamie. She makes me the best I can be, not from telling me what to do but by giving me the energetic tools to help with stress, overwhelm and how to deal with my friends, family and co-workers.  Ive learned to be a better and calmer person that (I feel) brings out the best in others. They see me in ease, and that helps bring them to that place as well. I have learned so much over the last year. I am forever changed.

Natie Kwait,

I am so beyond grateful that I made the decision to work with Jamie Bates!  When I hear her voice and listen to her teachings, my mindset and heart-space shifts and everything else in my life has become so expansive to the point that at times I get a little anxious! I think is it possible? Am I really capable of holding space for myself like this long term! Hell Yah!!! Of course, this is truth.  One more thing, my JOY level has increased dramatically impacting everyone around me! Thank you with deep gratitude!

Stacy Surgent, Health & Wellness Consultant

 I am currently doing two money programs and right from the very first day I began manifesting things like frequent free meals and discounts, finding an unused gift card I had forgotten I had, being gifted with plays and shows, and steadily progressing to unexpected refunds, thousands of dollars in financial gifts from family members, an unheard of deal on a new car, and I even won the grand prize in a contest challenge I had entered! Private sessions with Jamie have given me an even more in depth insight and awareness of the next steps to be taken to continue to shift and change what isn’t currently working for me, into a life that does and will work and feel the way I would ultimately like it to feel. I would highly recommend working with Jamie.

Tina Godfrey,

Barber and Shop Owner

Jamie has changed so much for me and my life. My life is ease in places I never imagined it would be easy. Things have shown up I never would have considered, but its all working so much better than it ever has before. I have more money, more sexual freedom and more of me than I ever have! I have literally no drama in my life an when something comes up it always turns out better than I ever imagined. Thank you Jamie for everything you have taught me. I am forever grateful.

Miranda Miller,

Mommy Extraordinar

One of the greatest things I am learning from  Jamie Bates is ☆contribution☆ I am consistently more and more aware of all forms and energies of contribution.  As I am in a space of allowing and noticing the abundance of ☆contributions☆ everything magically sparkles before my eyes! I am changing ☆♡ I am noticing so much within myself changing for the better. I really am so much more aware of everything!!! :) I am choosing much differently now. Thank you Jamie for showing me what ease and contribution feels like.

Melissa Maxey,


The tools Jamie has taught me to find ease in all situations are priceless. I have learned how to be present with my kids, how to stop the constant mind chatter, how to heal myself and how to find joy. This work has not only   benefited me but also my whole family, my friends and even strangers! Jamie has an amazing ability to connect to what I require to provide me with the most change. I just love all the programs they have all be beneficial to me for different reasons. I am so grateful for all the change. Thank you Jamie.

Janie Brynoff,

Clinical Therapist

I am so beyond grateful that I made the decision to work with Jamie. I have learned so many tools to create my life as even more magical and fun than I ever had before. From free upgrades to starting my life over in a new state, Jamie has supported my transitions and helped me create more than I ever could have imagined. My life has completely transformed. I am so excited to keep going! I love this life! Thank you Jamie.

Cherie Nova,

Actor & Facilitator

When I first started working with Jamie I felt like my life was wrong and I was wrong for all my decisions. Now there is so much joy and happiness in my life. I know that I create me life and every day is an adventure.

Jamie continually invites me into more of me giving me awareness and space to create more possibilities. I am truly grateful for the time we have spent together.

Dr Riki Evans, Naturopath

Since working with Jamie, I enjoy being a mother more, there's more ease and joy in my relationship with my kids and in my day. I can relate to my children better from the heart and soul, instead of being caught up and judgments and constructs. We're really connecting at the heart level. I feel like there's more cooperation the more choice I give my children to be who they truly be. I'm happier because I'm choosing more ease and have more space to be who I truly be. There's more joy and laughter around our house, and less struggle and conflict.

Nancy Benyo,

Retired Tax Auditor

I have taken many programs with Jamie and it always seems no matter what I listen too deeply resonates with what I need to hear. With each program I have had more awareness of who I am and how I am creating my life. I am now able to define if I am functioning in auto respond or if this is truly something I want for my life. I now have been making choices based on what's right and true for me, not everyone else. Its been an eye opening journey.

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