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Some stuff is too juicy to say with your name!

The following are things my clients share with me that they would rather remain private.

The following are snippets of things my clients share with me daily.

"We have been married for almost 20 years, the passion has been gone for like 19. I am really in disbelief at how much my husband has wanted me just in the last two weeks! It's like I have replaced him with a horny 19 year old! I'll take it!"

"After my third child was born, I felt like I lost my oldest child. Like she was there but we never connected the same. It's been 10 years and its really been amazing how in just two months of working with you how much our relationship has changed. I can't thank you enough for helping me repair my relationship. Its really been amazing."

"When my youngest daughter quite talking to me five years ago I never would have imagined how bad that hurt my life. But what's even more amazing is how after just three months of doing sessions with you, not only is my daughter talking to me, she came over for dinner and we had the best time! I am so excited to have her back in my life. Its like the pain we had is gone. Thank you so much."


"I never wanted to hate my mom, I just couldn't help it. Every time I thought of her I just felt so angry. I am so relieved I don't feel that way any longer. I can spend the rest of what she has left enjoying her company instead of wanting to kill her myself, so yeah. Its way better."

"Once I realized how aware I was about how every one else felt, it was like all the sudden I got it! I am not weird or different, I am actually just brilliant. I like me. alot."

"It's like the pain was so deep I didn't even know it was there. It was like 100 double edged swords, sticking me from every angle. And now there gone. I really can't even describe how much different I feel. Its like indescribable."

"I once went there just to see if I could see him. I just wanted to know, you know? And it was like the strangest thing, because exactly what you told me was going to happen did. It was like he was waiting for me too, like the planets aligned, he turned and waved at me and I swear to God, birds sang, my heart opened. I seriously will never be the same."

"The tools you have taught me are so useful in my day to day. I'm like yeah, I know I'm a clinical therapist, but I am also a magical fricken unicorn with special powers to transform darkness into light. Can you give me some kind of diploma?"

"Once you see something you can never unsee it. It's like you have given me some kind of magical powers to understand the human race better. How do you do that? Like I am not magical but I sure feel like it."

"I can't thank you enough for teaching how to encourage ........ to do what works for her. She hasn't thrown a tantrum in like 5 days, that's huge, almost world record huge! I wonder how much longer she can go? Hey can you make it last forever?"

"When I first started talking to my teenagers about what you have taught me I wasn't really sure what they would think, like yeah, mom is off her rocker, but they really like the new me. Like a lot. My son is always telling me how much he loves it when I don't yell. So when I told them about making choices, my daughter cried and hugged me, its been like two years since shes let me touch her. I really can't describe how that feels."

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