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I am Jamie Bates, The Conscious Empath. I am a Consciousness Facilitator, Podcast Host, Author, Teacher, Mother, and Wife.

I am grateful you are here!

I help Empaths, HSPs and intuitives. I too am an Empath and Intuitive and I have been on a spiritual journey my whole life! 

Beginning my journey as a teenager I discovered my gift of inner awareness. I started honing my gifts to help others, learning Reiki and other energy healing techniques. 

In my early twenties I became a cosmetologist and mom. I knew when I started working on peoples heads I needed to go deeper. I knew I knew things about the body and how people processed information. 

This led me to becoming a massage therapist. As a massage therapist I was blown away at how much I knew about someone and their struggles the moment I laid my hands on their body. I was determined to find the root cause of their struggles to help them remove them for good.

This became my mission...

I found I could release someone's chronic pain, but if they went home and made the same choices their pain returned. So I started researching, specializing in deep core transformation. And what I found was amazing! 

I discovered I could combined verbal and physical body processing to create massive transformation not only in peoples bodies but in the very way their life showed up. 

And for the past decade I have been on a mission to spread the word that healing and transformation doesn't have to be hard. It's just a deconstruction process that changes everything. And here's where The Conscious Empath System was born. 

I have helped thousands of people transform their energy to change their life. I would be honored to help you. 


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