I am Jamie Bates, The Conscious Empath. I am a Consciousness Facilitator, Podcast Host, Author, Teacher, Mother, and Wife.

I am grateful you are here!


In case we haven’t met yet, here’s a bit about me....

I help Empaths, Intuitives and those who are energetically sensitive. I too am an Empath and Intuitive and I have been on a spiritual journey my whole life!


I have learned how to process through inner awareness and navigate through this world, empowered and aligned with a life that works for me. 

I have always been an intuitive empath and understand first hand the struggles you may face as one.


I have developed a variety of tools that I share on my podcast, Expand Your Reality, in my online classes and in-person at events and through private facilitation.

Using my unique approach to energy, I help release energetic overwhelm, teach how to process through energy and align with your unique energetic blueprint. This creates a Universal alignment that ignites your best life now!

I believe that the Universe really does have your back and if life isn’t giving you what you desire, all you have to do is clear some new space for yourself. Transformation and healing do not have to be hard! It’s just a process of allowance and desire for change.

I am all about shifting and changing and healing your soul, so you can move forward free of heavy emotions and glide through life without energetic overwhelm.

Personal Info

I have three beautiful daughters, aged 20, 16 and 15. They are super powerful creators! They too have been on this journey with me and man it’s amazing what your kids can do when you give them choice and possibility!

I am married to an amazing man who helps produce my podcast and videos and is truly a great man and a wonderful stepfather. We have two dogs, two cats, and two birds.

I love the ocean and intend to live on it as soon as my daughters graduate high school.

I currently live in Michigan but I am not a huge fan of the cold! I do enjoy vacationing and meeting clients around the world.

I am grateful for my life and the tools I use to create beyond my wildest dreams!


I am grateful that you are joining me! Come join my group on Facebook and share about you!

You can also check out my podcast, Expand Your Reality to learn more about the tools I use.