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Why Do I Feel Guilty All The Time?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

If you struggle with feeling guilty all the time, listen up. It's time to change that right now.

I totally understand I too used to feel guilty all the time. Like literally, all the time. Something bad happened across town? Yup. I would internalize it and instantly feel guilty about it like I had something to do with it or I was part creator of it. Something bad happen to someone I was close too? Yup. I felt bad and guilty like either I did it or I was responsible in some way shape or form. Thinking of my past or even my present life? Yes I felt guilty for all of it. Especially all the terrible things that happened to me.

I felt guilty I was sexually abused. I felt guilty I was bullied.

I felt guilty I was divorced.

I felt guilty I was breathing.

I felt guilty when I watched TV.

I felt guilty when I spoke too loud.

Basically I felt guilty for existing.

I even felt guilty I couldn't change the way I felt guilty all the time! It wasn't until I really understood the underneath of the guilt that I could actually change it.

When I understood that my first experiences with guilt created my guilty obsession. You see I was sexually abused at a very young age. My first "remembering" is of around the age of five. It used to feel so guilty and wrong. But what I know understand is, my experience with abuse is not from my point of view. My inner feelings are an internalization from the man who perpetrated the abuse. Of course he felt guilty for abusing a child. When I experienced this abuse the feelings I felt where the feelings of the abuser. As me, my little five year old self, had no gauge for what this abuse should be or feel like. So I instantly internalized this guilty feeling as the feeling I am feeling about this situation.

From there, as abuse continued throughout my childhood I internalized this familiar feeling. My mom yelled and felt guilty..... I internalized her guilt as my own.

My dad walked out of my life at the age of 10..... I internalized his guilt as my own.

It wasn't until I understood that this guilt wasn't mine that I could actually change it. As Empaths and people who are energetically sensitive we are really good at internalizing other peoples emotions and storing them as our own. The main problem with that is you can never ever change something that isn't yours. So if you have been trying everything to change that guilty feeling with no avail. How about you try acknowledging that the feeling you feel isn't actually yours and see if you can release it. Acknowledgement goes a long way in creating freedom in your life.

Try this:

  1. Allow yourself to really sit with the guilt you are feeling right now.

  2. Breathe. Like take a moment to take some new deep breaths.

  3. Ask yourself, "Where is everywhere I am identifying with guilt that isn't mine?"

  4. Allow yourself to receive all those mental pictures no matter how difficult they feel. The resistance often creates them as being more powerful than they are.

  5. Acknowledge who those feelings actually belong too.

  6. Let them go.

Use this process over and over to release yourself from those guilty feelings. Be aware of when you feel guilty in your everyday life and allow yourself to acknowledge that those feelings may not even belong to you. Your life will thank you.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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