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Navigating Shadow Work Detox

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

As you release yourself from the polarity of this reality you will experience some detox intensities coupled with amazing awareness.

Here’s some tips to navigate your clearing journey. Diving in and creating more isn't always easy but it's so worth it!

You may become hyper sensitive

As you do clearing essentially you are removing all that energy that has been “shielding” you from all the crap around you. Here's what's important to understand here, that crap has been in your field and although you have kind of kept it at bay, it's still been creating stuff in your life. You just have not been aware of it because you have had a wall up to it. It’s been there, telling the universe how you want to experience life and you keep wondering why life isn't working out how you planned it. It's because you essentially were fighting your own crap. You have been using your energy and your space and your magic basically against your very own storage spaces. It’s like putting rotten garbage locked in the garage away from the inside of your house. It’s still there, just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean it’s not attracting flies. You can spray all the fly killer and put up all the air fresheners but you still have rotten garbage. Take out the trash, stop trying to mask it and pretend it's not there. When you do this you have to take down the walls and look at the stuff, so it’s only natural you are going to discover the issue isn’t just a few bags of trash it’s everything that trash created while it was hanging out there.

You may have some intense emotional experiences

You will have some massive ups and downs, especially in the beginning. You are diving into emotions and feelings and significant upsets, of course you may find yourself crying all day. It's got to come out somewhere. Its completely normal to feel overwhelmed a bit emotionally as you go through this, the less judgments you have of you and your experience the faster it will shift. The beginning is probably the worst, but its short lived. And it takes you beyond all that other crap you have been living in so in the long run its so worth it.

You will have some highs greater than you have ever experienced before

When you experience your very first “consciousness high” you will feel completely unstoppable! The lightness that takes over your body will feel euphoric. Like your walking on cloud nine! It’s amazing really, but short lived. This first high will come as the first of many. Use the high days to motivate you, to keep you moving forward, to help you create more of the amazingness you love. But know the down days will come back. Do your best to not judge them. Understand this is part of the process and for goodness sakes get out of your head. Figuring it out is not going to work. So stop trying already. The figuring it out cycle will bury you deeper and make it harder to come back. Breathe. Expand. And DO SOME MORE CLEARINGS!

You will have some bottom outs that will make you want to quit.

You will. Absolutely want to throw in the towel. You will be convinced that you are just never going to change this, you will always live in the heavy and hard. And to that I remind you. It’s your universe, you get to decide! We live in duality. Duality exists everywhere. Stop making duality showing up in your life wrong. Remember when you make something wrong its hard to see what's right about it. It’s just the system you are stuck in. You are doing consciousness clearings to remove yourself from within the system. It doesn’t happen over night. Everyone gets caught in stuff, it happens. It’s your reaction to it that creates more of it. When you resist or react, defend for or against it, make it right or wrong you invoke it right back into your field. It’s universal law. In order to stop invoking it back in your field you must learn to love the dance of being here. Its a process. It takes time and space. Don’t make it wrong so you can learn all the wonderful things about waking up and taking control of your life.

You will step in and out of consciousness

You have lived your whole existence as a human inside of the polarity system. There will be places you exist that you are completely unconscious too. When you discover where you are operating in unconsciousness you can change it. You are a work in progress. Give yourself time and don’t expect because you did a week worth of clearing your free from thousands of years of programming. Nope. You will be the effect of things until you aren't inside the system of it anymore. Approach it like a game of hide and seek. The more playful and light hearted you are the better and easier this will be.

Practice makes perfect

You have to learn to be conscious and aware here in this reality. This is not an overnight affair. When you fall, pick yourself back up and keep moving. It’s a daily conscious choice. I know some days you just might not want to choose it.

Get some help

Stop doing it alone. Get some help. If you are stuck cycling an outside point of view can help! I offer lots of resourses to help from courses to one on one private sessions.

If you need additional help a therapist is also a good option. Check out Janie Brynolf. She too is a conscious empath and a clinical therapist.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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