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Levels of Consciousness

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

As I have journeyed through my consciousness expanding my awareness of how this life functions has become so loud and clear. Today I am sharing with you my understanding of how this universe and levels of consciousness works. Understanding these levels of consciousness will help you to level up and be aware of where you are functioning that is keeping you stagnant in the lower realms.

The thing to keep in mind as you read about these levels is these levels are not concrete, meaning you can and often will find yourself operating in many simultaneously. As you journey through your awakening you will find that some areas are easy to elevate through the doing and being, where other places you feel stuck. So it’s common to be operating in multiple levels at once. My hope is understanding the levels of consciousness will help you to easily transform from one to the other effortlessly.

Level One: The Victim of Circumstance

This is the base level. This is where we are born into the reality matrix system.

Your ideas, thoughts, beliefs are more than likely not your own but imposed from your family unit, your culture, your country, your religious upbringing and even past life constructs.

Here is where we find ourselves in situations that cause upset. Surrounded by people who don’t add to our lives. Potentially struggling in religious systems, belief systems, dead end jobs, homes we hate, cities we don’t want to live in, ect that bring us down and create a flow of unrest within our being.

When you live within the level one you experience the following:

Feeling as though life is difficult.

People don’t understand you.

Everything feels heavy, hard and upsetting.

There's a constant battle, a right and wrong for every action, always a reaction.

Life feels hard living within this system.

Your body feels heavy.

You may always be trying to "figure out" what is wrong with you.

Level Two: The Doing

This is where you begin to awaken to the idea that you are a powerful creator. Here in the doing stage you have to “do” things to create change. Here is where you become conscious of the patterns that are keeping you entrenched in limitation. You can start using different techniques to change your reality. You have to dive in and create the change in your being. You must take action in the stage and “do” things to disconnect yourself from the systems and beliefs you have been living within. This stage is where you do the most work. Here is where you also start to lay the foundation for the next level.

As you are transitioning from level one to level two you will experience:

You will be mad, sad, upset, overwhelmed, ect as you break down the level one and move to the level two. What keeps you motivated to leave the first level is only your deep desire to change your life. It’s really the only thing that can give you enough motivation to do this cause it’s hard. You have to dig deep. You have to look at some pain stuff and you have to be willing to really own your life. You have to unlearn things so it can be a bit overwhelming. You also have to learn a new way to be.

When you live within the level two you experience the following:

You may be angry at yourself for continuing to choose the crap when you know you no longer desire to live that way.

You vary from being happy and grateful for your amazing life to wanting to fold and give up forever.

It may feel like you will never be able to fully break free from these patterns of limitations.

Life feels like a roller coaster of emotions and you want to get off.

You have to “do” alot to create change.

Level Three: The Being

When you arrive at the being stage you have been doing for quite some time. You have removed enough of the “programming” that you are aware of how powerful you are. You have created some really super awesome amazing things for your life. You are very aware of how your thoughts create reality and you are very intentional with what you put out and what you create. Your allowance for others has created a space of ease for yourself. You are no longer bothered by what other people do or choose. You can be you no matter what environment your in. No matter what happens around you or through out your day you know that it doesn’t effect you and you can easily maintain a deep sense of gratitude and joy. You know you are living your greatest expression and you take lots of time and space to maintain yourself and what you desire.

As you transition from level two to three you will experience: A deep sense of peace and ease for this life and all of creation.

An understanding that you truly can have anything you desire.

An overall happiness that just radiates from your being.

When you live within level three you will experience:

A ton of new possibilities and expressions of life, some you may have never even considered a possibility!

A renewed sense of gratitude that is expressed in everything you do.

An inner knowing that life truly is unfolding in the best possible way.

A powerful connection to the flow of the life you desire.

A deep understanding that all you have to do is be the energy of what you desire and it will be created.

Level Four: The Creator

When you are in the creator level, you are not just creating for you, you are creating for the greater good. Here at the creator stage you not only deeply understand the other stages because you have been there. You also deeply sympathize with a level of allowance that creates massive change for everyone you come into contact with. You are a conduit that is guided through a deep intuitive inner knowing that allows you to expand and create for this universe.

As you transition from level three to four you will experience:

A deep sense of inner power, strength, and connectedness that is unshakable.

A feeling of calm and ease that is so expansive, it's just easy.

There is an energy you connect to that is intrinsically available from the inside and projects out.

When you live within level four you will experience:

A deep inner knowing that all is well.

Nothing, no one, no experience, nothing can shake you inner ease.

You are deeply connected to oneness.

You have complete allowance for everyone and everything.

You create with complete ease. Ask and it is given is real and no matter what you desire it is created.

Use this information as a guide to help you create your most massive expansion yet.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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