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How Form And Structure Creates Your Reality.

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Every thought, every concept, everything you have ever determined as right or wrong or good or bad, it all takes up space in your energy, your space and your consciousness AKA the space of you, your being or your soul.

The amount of space each form and structure takes up is directly related to what is stored within it.

For example, a belief system, let's take being catholic. This is a large belief system. It has many definitions, rights, and wrongs. When you believe you are catholic you automatically energetically create that structure within your space. When something happens you automatically run in through the "Catholic structure" telling you how to define it. It's also built as a gauge on how you will rate your experiences and how your reality shows up. It’s not bad or good, it’s just the way that the structure creates within your universe.

Smaller structures like let's say, your viewpoints about work. Those start as smaller structures, as you personally experience work you will build the structure around what you have decided and what you have experienced about it. This will eventually create your reality at work. Everything that happens will get filtered through your viewpoints and that storage space of work will become how you relate to it.

All of this form and structure helps you navigate this reality as you energetically mark everything you believe to be real and true for every thought and experience in your life.

This is not a bad thing in any way its just how you define and relate to the world.

These forms and structures will limit what you can receive. For instance, if you decide work is terrible and you never excel there, it will make it extremely difficult for you to have a good day and move forward there. Every experience you have will be run through the form and structure and place the judgment of right or wrong or good or bad on it all. Once you have defined something as good or bad or right or wrong it makes it really hard to see something different or create something different.

Understanding that the defined form and structure is limiting your life, it's important to see that when you clear form and structure you are not completely changing your mind. You are basically just not defining it any longer which then allows you to see all the possibilities available instead of only the ones your allowed to perceive. It's within the definition that will build restrictions.

Some more examples: If I believe my kids are terrible and always are sassy. Even though that is how they have shown up if I continue to hold that space we will more than likely never have a good relationship and will spend this lifetime not getting along.

If I clear my form and structure of them, I can give them a space to show up differently. Therefore allowing a different experience with my children.

If I believe that my spouse is messy and never helps me around the house, that is what I am telling him energetically. So even if he would like to help around the house every time he tries he checks in with me and feels that he shouldn't therefor always does what I say- never helps around the house.

If I clear my form and structure around who he is it allows him to show up differently giving him more choices to do things that could contribute.

If I believe that my job is hard and the people I work with are mean, that is the space I am holding for work. So even if the job description changes or they hire new employees, I will still be holding that space energetically creating an expectation of my job therefor not allowing that to change.

If I clear my form and structure around work I allow my position to change. I allow the people around me to show up differently. I allow the universe to provide me with different and new possibilities.

From these examples, I hope it's clear how what you have stored as your form and structure sticks you and locks you in within limitations. When you clear the form and structure you are providing space to have a new reality show up without actually doing or being any different. Just the new space allows for new possibilities with ease.

I have tons of resources when it comes to clearing form and structure. You can listen to my podcast, Expand Your Reality. There are tons of calls geared towards one structure like for instance, anger or sadness. You can check those out at

Also available a complete library of clearing form and structure audios with detailed instructions on how to do it yourself, check out some consciousness clearing programs.

You no longer have to live within the old paradigms of form and structure. You can allow your life to become an abundant reality full of possibilities.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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