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How Do You Know You’re An Empath?

You maybe wondering if you could be an Empath or not? How do you know for sure you are an Empath? Here are some of the most common traits among Empaths.

You feel everything deeply

You have a deep understanding of what other people are going through. Often you can sense and feel their emotions just as you were personally experiencing them. You may find yourself internalizing other peoples emotion in such a way it starts to actually effect your life and your health. You may even feel things from characters on television. Some empaths find it hard to even watch TV. I can remember being young and hating to watch the Bill Cosby show. It made me feel guilty and shameful. When the news of Bill Cosby came out it blew me away that even as a child I was aware of what was really occurring on the Cosby show.

You are often emotionally overwhelmed

This overwhelm causes emotional outbursts you have a hard time controlling. Feeling often like you have no control over how you respond to others, leading to a cycle of emotional upset that is very difficult to change. This often leads to not being able to communicate effectively and creates a deep sense of inner wrongness.

You feel spacey and foggy throughout the day

You tend to get very energetically over processed. Making decisions is very difficult. This fogginess creates a haze over your life that makes you feel as though you have little direction and or motivation to do daily tasks. This can trigger feelings of depression and extreme fatigue.

You feel like you don't belong here

You may feel very different and separate from the family you were raised in. You may feel like you don't understand this reality. Like you don't fit here on this planet. Feeling often like you don't get things like everyone else does, yet the things you do deeply understand no one else does.

You lose yourself in relationships with others

Because you are so aware of other peoples thoughts, feelings and emotions you tend to over compensate by over doing for them instead of taking care of you. This creates a toxic cycle in most of your relationships where you can become obsessed with caring for those you love, completely neglecting yourself.

You have a strong intuition

You often know things before they happen. You know things you probably shouldn't know about others, including strangers. You can feel when someone isn't telling the truth. And you "know" without a doubt when something is off. Your intuition is generally on point even though you aren't always great at listening to it.

You have a hard time functioning in chaos

Messy house equals messy life. Chaos and you are not friends. Chaos creates a quickening inside your body that mentally and physically exhausts you.

You are drawn to animals and nature

You may have a deep love for water. Being in nature recharges your soul and gives you some much needed head space. You love to care for animals and may find yourself with more than you need! You have a deep appreciation for nature and all the little creatures within it.

You have a hard time disconnecting from those who need help

You are often the one who everyone confides in, including strangers. People come to you with their problems and you may spend countless hours trying to help them find a solution. It's often frustrating for you as people come to you with their problems but don't actually listen to your solutions. You may find yourself angry that people come to you for help but then don't actually take your advice.

You don't like to being around other people

Malls, grocery stores, concerts, events of any kind all can be a nightmare for you as an empath. All of that energy and information can knock you out for days.

You may be overly sensitive to sounds and or smells

You may be able to hear and smell things other people can't. Most of us a particularly sensitive to any strong odors and or sounds.

You need lots of alone time

This is a none negotiable for the empath. We need time alone at home to recharge and relax. This can make you feel guilty. The guilt and shame cycle runs deep with us empaths.

You don't like conflict

Raised voices, angry words and or sarcastic undertones can create massive upset to you as an empath. You would much rather just make everyone else happy then to deal with any type of conflict in your day.

You have a hard time saying no

You will say yes just to make someone else happy, even if the yes upsets you. You often find yourself wondering what someone else would approve of to make your choices. You may over commit yourself and then be disappointed in yourself often, overburdening your life doing for others.

You are a kind person who often gives to a fault

You will give someone the shift off your back if you think they need it. You do way more for others than you ever have even considered doing for you. You enjoy to bring joy to others.

These are some of the most common traits of the empath. If these sound like you then you are more than likely an empath. We are a special bred of humans. You should consider yourself lucky to be one! Once you learn how to manage these traits life becomes much easier for the educated empath. If you need help harnessing your empath powers, come join us in my free group- the conscious empath. Learn tips and tools to create you! You can also check out my podcast- Expand Your Reality any where podcasts are found or by clicking the name.

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Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at

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