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How Consciousness Clearings Can Heal Your Life

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

As a consciousness facilitator I am obviously biased in my belief that consciousness clearings can heal your life. I talk about them pretty much all the time. For me they are the key piece in creating massive transformation in your life.

So let’s dive in, why in the world would one need to do consciousness clearings and what exactly do they create?

What is a Consciousness Clearing?

A Consciousness Clearing is an energy clearing, where you as a conscious and aware being choose to release. It's a deep dive into the energy storage spaces of your Universe. It’s basically like cleaning out your closet, except it’s energy programming and belief systems you're throwing away not old sweaters. It’s where you deep dive into the energy that creates the way your life shows up. It’s the energy that is creating your whys. Only in energy clearing you don’t have to get real specific and get to the exact awareness you just grab the energy that is present and clear it.

Can you clear something you need?

Absolutely not. Because when you do energy clearings, although they are wide spectrum they don’t take anything from you. They just clear out your define points of views. So you can still have the energy you just no longer have the specific path. What that creates is a space for something new and amazing to show up verses the same old energy loop. So it creates lots of new possibilities.

You use these to clear away everything that isn’t you so you can be you.

I know that seems like a strange sentence, but if you have no idea what you want to be or do in this life. If you are struggling in any way with clarity. That is a key indicator you are not functioning in you. Energy clearings will clear the energy fog and energy overwhelm preventing you from being clear in your life.

Most of us are stuck in what I call “looping."

This means that you find yourself continuously in same sh*t, different day. Similar things show up for you day after day or week after week. Things you hate. Things you don’t desire but can’t seem to get to change.

These loops don’t typically just change because we have a lot of space of it. Meaning most of us have been living it for so long, the energetic pathways to these patterns are deep and go far. And since we are energy beings we perpetuate the same energies over and over. And our upsets with the “issue” only creates it stronger. So it’s difficult to break. But energy clearings are not difficult. They are a demand of the universe that when implemented especially around concepts you want to change, actually work.

They clear out the energy that is most prevalent creating more space.

When you have more space you no longer see the concept from the linear point of view. It’s no longer just right or wrong or good or bad, it just is what it is. And from the it is what it is space you have choice and possibility instead of ignition, upset, and resistance.

It’s easy to break the autorespond.

Most of us are constantly living in the autorespond of life. This happens, this is how we respond. This autoresponder is often painful and upsetting because we do it around emotional concepts we hate. Ever have an issue with anger or rage? You literally can’t stop reacting in anger because your anger pathways go deep. So even though you don’t want to be angry its like you can’t help it. You just do it automatically. Same with many of the emotional distractors. Most of us don’t want to continue to live in sadness and guilt and shame or blame but we literally can’t help it. Our energy pathways, our autoresponders are so strong we just automatically choose it. Then we are left with feeling even more upset it happened again.

Energy clearings give you a process to choose when you are the effect of this. It’s a proven process to take you from being upset with yourself or others to releasing and removing the energy around it so you can actually have choice.

It creates new possibilities

Once you do enough energy clearings you start to uncover a paradigm you may have never understood before. Choice. I know that sounds silly but most of us don’t have a choice in how we respond or what we do or even what we choose just because we are surrounded with so much defined energy. This defined energy has us literally stuck in a life and an existence we really don’t like but have no idea or awareness how to do or choose anything different. Here is where the energy clearings come in. They clear this definition, this form and structure, the programming that you have been implanted with that says this is this, that is that. When that programming is gone. All you have left is space and possibility. And let me tell you its a beautiful thing.

Want to get more info on how energy clearings can heal your life? You can check out Expand Your Reality's podcast where ever podcast's are found and check out the podcast from August 19th 2020: How Energy Clearings Heal Your Life.

Isn't it time you lived life free of limitations?

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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