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"It's amazing how much life has changed. When I stopped doubting everything I knew, It's like all the sudden I realize that I was never wrong, I was just surrounded by people who didn't understand me or who I was. Now I can finally be me. But the best part is, they can be them too and it doesn't hurt to be around them anymore." 

Caitlyn P.

"The voice in my head that says "im not good enough" has stopped chatting. I've learned that if I just tap into how it feels, everything is easy. It's like I have been fighting me my whole life. Now I just get to choose what's light and man is that way more fun!"

Melissa M.

"I was really done feeling guilty. I felt as though I had "messed up" my whole life. I can not believe how easy it was to change that feeling. Jamie was brilliant. She dove right in and started calling out my B.S. It was awkward at first, I think it must be for everyone. But that changed pretty fast and I was left with this amazing new space. I can not thank her enough. She went above and beyond for me. Thank you Jamie. You have given me back my life, my joy and my spirit. My life has been such ease." 

Angie B.

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Jamie Bates, is an ascension guide, master energy healer, and a consciousness leader. 
 She has been a facilitating growth, healing and alignment for empaths, intuitives, and healers for over a decade. Her unique approach has helped thousands of people connect to their higher self, release the emotional blocks, and heal their life. Her new book
The Empaths Guidebook to consciousness and awareness is becoming a fan favorite along with her radio show Expand Your Reality.  Jamie has been teaching empaths and intuitives how to identify and process through their inner awareness, expand inner awareness and align with a life they love! 

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The thing about being an Empath is we are full-spectrum receivers. This reality hasn't taught us to live life this way. Understanding who you are and why you function the way you do is key to unlocking your gifts and abilities and living a life you love. 

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