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Ready To Go Beyond 
The Emotional Overwhelm?

Discover the secrets to unlock your awareness and stop looping in the overwhelm.

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Jamie Bates has a wide variety of programs specifically designed with the Empath in mind! 
If you are ready to stop feeling drained, overwhelmed, over emotional and over processed, there is a course for YOU! The Conscious Empath courses are packed with tools, processes and clearings, to help you shift, awaken and transform your being. Release overwhelm, energy drains and being over emotional and get your life moving in the direction of your dreams!
Stop living in the I wish and use your powers to create! 

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Join Jamie on her weekly podcast!

Here she dives into tools, techniques, and stories that expand you beyond this reality and help turn struggle into ease.

This podcast is currently available with the link below. You can also find Expand Your Reality on iTunes, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, and Spotify!


If you are done feeling like you don’t belong here and you’re ready to show up now, this book is for you!

​This guidebook holds the key to expanding inner knowledge and awareness creating an expansion of your being.

The Empaths Guide book is the first of a series of books soon to be released with Jamie Bates. 

Recent Blogs:


"When I first met Jamie I suffered with constant anxiety. I was an emotional mess with no understanding of it all. I had been my whole life. Jamie has helped me in ways I can't explain. With her subtle positive implantation's of basic understanding of me and life, my life has completely changed. I no longer carry the burden of everyone else's problems anymore. It's true freedom." 


Heather B.

"Once I found Jamie and her work my life began to change immediately. I met some one that was able to deliver such mind-blowing teachings with such simplicity and joy. My journey was fun and I could see that everything was now possible and within reach. So many aspects just changed. My work blossomed and I was able to create a cooking school and become a transformational food coach. My relationships flourished and especially with my child. As I changed my world changed. This became my normal and slowly and surprisingly I began to like and love who I was and now in love with who I am becoming. I'm so grateful and excited to be on this journey with Jamie even when I'm not in her presence the teachings and learnings reverberate through out my body and being. Thank you wholeheartedly Jamie Bates."


Tony Chiodo

"I was constantly stressed even when I tried to relax. Remember that commercial "Calgon take me away"! Tried it-several times, and it really didn't help to take the overwhelm away. My body didn't know how to relax. About 5 years ago I started having some deep awareness' that I couldn’t continue this path, and that I needed to take care of myself first! Although I’ve grown a lot in that time, I couldn’t seem to shake the quickness, panic, and overwhelm I kept feeling. I had muscle pain throughout my whole body as well. Nothing seemed to help! I was exhausted and tired! I came across Jamie and her free tools at The Conscious Empath a few years back. I dove right into her free stuff and immediately began to feel my body ease up. The panic and quickness I was always feeling started to dissipate. I used her tools multiple times a day and within a few months I was having a conversation with my Dr. to get off my anxiety meds! WOW was this life changing I thought. This is the "Calgon take me away, I was looking for". She taught me tools that I can continue to use to manage anxiety & overwhelm any time life happens. I now can say I'm pain free, off anxiety meds & have learned to be present within myself. This is a beautiful place to be in."

jamie lemke

Jamie L

Want more? Check out my testimonial page! 

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