Transform your life with tools and processes to awaken, shift, and transform.

Join Jamie Bates, The Conscious Empath to learn new tools and a new way to exist!


I teach empaths to process through energy and awareness so that they can manage

what energies they absorb and keep their energy high with simple easy to use

energy processes to be free from energetic drains and emotional overwhelm. 


Are you tired of being so sensitive? Exhausted with always feeling everyone else's problems? Feeling it hard to cope with the array of emotional issues you pick up from others? Done feeling like your life is a blessing and a curse? What if it really doesn't have to be so hard? 


As an empath, our main issue tends to be overstimulation.

This overstimulation creates:

  • Feeling tired and extreme fatigue most days.

  • Feeling over-processed with mental brain fog and inability to make choices.

  • Over-emotional and emotionally reactive to everyone around you, including your children and your spouse. 

  • Inability to make choices or move forward with your life.

  • Always feeling the effect of other people's choices, especially in your own personal life.

  • An inner sense of wrongness you can never shake.

  • Feeling lost in life having no idea how to move forward.

  • Anxiety and sometimes debilitating stressful thoughts.


If you can identify above my defined method can help you!

Learn defined tools and processes to get out of energetic overwhelm and live in you!


Ready for results like:

  • Feel happy and accomplished about life.

  • Release the guilt and old stories you keep replaying.

  • Change the relationship with those you love.

  • Make choices that make you feel good about yourself.

  • Dynamically show up in your life.

  • Live a life you love.


Learn to manage your gifts and become the beacon of light and love your life requires.

It's time to step into your power and potency!​



Being The Conscious Empath

If you are ready to stop feeling drained, overwhelmed, over emotional and over processed, this series is for you! This course is packed full of tools, processes and clearings, to help you shift, change and awaken your being in just 10 weeks. Release overwhelm, energy drains and being over emotional and get your life moving in the direction of your dreams!

Stop living in the I wish and use your powers to create! 


Expand Your Reality Podcast

Join Jamie on her weekly podcast!

Here she dives into tools, techniques, and stories that expand you beyond this reality and help turn struggle into ease.

This podcast is currently available with the link below. You can also find Expand Your Reality on iTunes, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, and Spotify!


The Empaths Guidebook

If you are done feeling like you don’t belong here and you’re ready to show up now, this book is for you!

​This guidebook holds the key to expanding inner knowledge and awareness creating an expansion of your being.

The Empaths Guide book is the first of a series of books soon to be released with Jamie Bates. 

Recent Blogs:


"When I first met Jamie I suffered with constant anxiety. I was an emotional mess with no understanding of it all. I had been my whole life. Jamie has helped me in ways I can't explain. With her subtle positive implantation's of basic understanding of me and life, my life has completely changed. I no longer carry the burden of everyone else's problems anymore. It's true freedom.

Heather B.

"Jamie has amazing techniques, tools and is a phenomenal coaching force. She has allowed me to grow by creating my own business, busting through mindset and money challenges, creating my own comedy podcast and letting me be the best ME I can be! I'm so grateful for all she has offered and provided! Her guidance has changed my life!"

Jen M.

"This program Jamie has created is spectacular. The way she uses words to show you your choice is for me life saving. Jamie helped me find my choice , and my truth again. After going her group my life has gotten so much better! I am now free from my head. My body is now my tool to make decisions. So mind blowing I know. This system so works! At 38 years old I have finally received a tool to make life better! I open space daily. I hold space daily for others. I don’t need to push anything onto others.  I am freed from my mind dungeon! I now live in my universe.! So many amazing things for my life to come.  

Truly thank you Jamie for receiving this amazing system! Thank you for sharing it with me! My life is forever better with these amazing new tools!"

Jessica R.

Want more? Check out my testimonial page! 

Jamie Bates, is an ascension guide, master energy healer, and a consciousness leader. 
 She has been a facilitating growth, healing and alignment for empaths, intuitives, and healers for over a decade. Her unique approach has helped thousands of people connect to their higher self, release the emotional blocks, and transform their life. 
Her new book The Empaths Guidebook to consciousness and awareness is becoming a fan favorite along with her radio show Expand Your Reality.  Jamie has been teaching empaths and intuitives how to identify and process through their inner awareness, expand inner awareness and align with a life they love! 

I am grateful you are joining me! If you're ready to take your life to the next level schedule a session with me today!

The thing about being an Empath is we are full-spectrum receivers. This reality hasn't taught us to live life this way. Understanding who you are and why you function the way you do is key to unlocking your gifts and abilities and living a life you love. 

If you are ready to embrace life as an Empath

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This reality requires you. 

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