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The Life-Changing Benefits Of Living A Life In The Expanded Space Of Your Being

You are a being. You have a body. Your being is not inside your body. Your body is inside your being. Who you are as a "being" is an infinite amount of energy, space and consciousness. There is no restriction in how far or how big your being can be so why limit it?

Living in the expanded space of your being allows the molecules of your being to stay big and expanded which creates your body as a receiver instead of internalizer.

This allows you to stop internalizing everyone's information and allows the information to flow through you without getting stuck in you. It allows you to stay in a space where you are continually receiving from everyone and everything. Basically, this allows you to receive information from everyone and everything without over-processing your system.

As someone who is energetically sensitive our biggest issues come from overprocessing the information we receive.

Here are some common changes when you stay in an expanded space.

1. Pain in your body shifts.

So much of the chronic pain issues can subside just by staying in an expanded energetic space! Most of our pain comes from the energetic resistance of information. We don't want to know so much about people but the reality is we do! It's within the information that causes the knots inside our bodies. Expand and receive and feel how much more comfortable your body is with just being present and being the space of receiving.

2. Fatigue and overwhelm dissipate.

When you stay expanded information flows through the molecules of your being with ease. When you are small and contracted information builds up energetically and your body stays in a constant state of reaction. When you expand it dissipates this dynamically. When you stay in a constant expanded space you will find that you will feel more space, more peace and just a sense of overall ease.

3. Releases the deep lonely feeling.

When you stay expanded you feel more connected to everyone and everything because well, you are! It’s mostly the resistance that keeps us feeling lonely and because expanding releases this resistance it really helps you feel not so separate from others. Plus we aren’t so hard on ourselves which really helps our self-esteem. Most of the time the loneliness comes from the deep sense of inner wrongness. When this gets less, which it will because you will be in more receiving less resistance, you’ll find it's much easier to exist in this world.

4. Leaving your house isn’t terrible anymore!

When you stay expanded you will find leaving your house doesn’t suck as it used too. Your allowance for others will greatly increase, so you won’t feel scared or even like you want to kill the stupid people. You may even find you enjoy socializing, gasp! You may have never considered you might enjoy getting out. But guess what? You might enjoy it so much you make regular plans to leave your home and be with others. Even going to the grocery store or the mall won't exhaust you as it used too. You will find that you can go out in a crowd and not be drained for days after!

5. Increases your awareness.

As you stay expanded and go through your day your awareness increases! You easily step more into your knowing with little to no effort. This is probably the greatest gift in expanding. You can easily know things about others without having to do anything about it. The information just comes in, goes through and leaves. And you are just left with the awareness of information. How very cool!

Expanding has many benefits and this is just a few of learning to live in an expanded space. To learn how to expand check out this YouTube video! This blog is from a snipet of my program, The Energetic Receiving Method, which will teach you all kinds of tools to live as an empath.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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