You're ready to take the deep dive? 

If you are ready to deep dive into the energy, space and consciousness of you, my VIP facilitation is for you! This is not for the weak or the faint of heart. Get ready to get real about what is holding you back energetically. I will take you on a journey of your soul where we will uncover, discover and release everything that is stopping you. 

I have been working one on one with clients since 2010 to transform their lives.

What I have found is multiple layers of information that is built within the structure of whom you believe you are. Much of this information isn't real or true. Because of the energetic nature of who we are much of what we believe to be true about us is really what's holding us back.

I have learned how to energetically deep dive into these spaces, releasing and removing the stuff that isn't yours. Then untangling you from the ancestral lineage, viewpoints karmic debt and so on. Removing everything that is energetically stopping you!

Once we remove this information we begin the process of learning and rebuilding. 

This is a process and can not be taken lightly or too fast. 

Because of this, I do a minimum of three months of energy facilitation/coaching. 

This is a life-altering process, a deep dive into who you are and what you desire. 

This process will create new space for you. 

It will teach you how to connect to you differently. 

It will take your life to places you may have never even considered. 

Currently, I offer a three month, six months or twelve month commitment.

This commitment includes:

  • Weekly sessions with me 60-90 minutes in length. Here we will do extensive clearing and releasing. 

  • Unlimited access to me via email and or messaging. 

  • Unlimited check-ins. These are 15-minute sessions that may be required between sessions if you have a situation or healing crisis.

  • Tons of audios. Anything I think you may require while working with me.

  • You get added to my daily check-in list. I provide daily energy check-ins and tune-ups. 

What can happen as a result? 

  • The shift can be almost instant. You will perceive a difference as soon as you commit.

  • HUGE aha moments, several per day. As your life energy unravels you will have huge awareness about what's going on around you.

  • Alignment of you will happen naturally as you release and unwind yourself from stuff that isn't yours. 

  • Deep core transformation. 

  • Your relationships will shift. You will relate to those around you differently and the upsets you used to have will virtually fade. You won't even have to work on it. It will just be different.

  • Money will flow better and easier. As you align with who you be your lack will fade. Lack is a construct that fades when you stop frantically searching for the vibration you are. 

  • You will learn to feel what's true for you so decisions become easy. 

  • A dramatic decrease if not complete change in emotional flares. 

  • You will identify with your vibration and alignment so strongly following your path is natural. Struggle concepts fade. 

  • You will wake up happy! Life will become fun and ease like you never imagined possible. 

  • You will feel settled, happy, and free. 

What's expected of me? 

  • You are expected to show up weekly.

  • You are expected to listen to the audios provided.

  • You are expected to be ready and willing to change. 


That's all that is needed.

Jamie will provide you with the tools and the support to truly shift your life. ​

This commitment starts at three months but most clients continue to a year to eighteen months. Jamie will continue to support you for as long as required. 

I currently offer three levels of support depending on how much support you require. 

Complete support is my jam which includes all the above, but sometimes people require more than one session per week up to daily sessions. Cost varies depending on the level of support you desire. 

How much does this cost? 

A three-month commitment starts at $2,750. for full pay.

A six-month commitment starts at $4997. for full pay. 

A one-year commitment starts at $7997. full pay.

Payment plans are available for a fee with a down payment and monthly payment options. 

If this is something you would like to choose please fill out this form and Jamie will contact you ASAP. Currently a waitlist for longer coaching packages. Inquire below. 

**No claims are made about the exact transformation you will experience. I can not guarantee anything. Each clients journey varies. This information is for informational purposes only.