Are you really serious about creating change faster than you ever thought possible and with more ease?


If you are, I’m offering, an entire VIP Day with me, to provide one-on-one life shifts especially for you! On this day I will share with you my energy transforming abilities to increase your ease and your joy, easily and effortlessly.

This energy shifting process creates BIG SHIFTS in your life. We will dig in and discover what’s blocking you from creating what you want. Having someone (me!) who ‘gets it’ and can take you from where you are to where you want to be. This short amount of time will be rocket fuel for your life. I get so excited at the prospect of having an entire DAY to spend with you because, shifting and changing even the smallest details can create HUGE change! The energy you are currently functioning in within life is exactly the energy you are creating your life from. On this very special day we will be exploring every aspect of your life, shifting and changing the energies that don't work into the flow and ease of what does!

On your VIP day, I’ll shift and change energies and customize clearings for you along with a SIMPLE PLAN to help you start having more ease quickly while expressing and living your purpose fully.

You will leave your VIP day feeling positive about your life and more on fire than you ever thought possible. It’s simple: I’ll help you easily and effortlessly shift and change your life in a way that frees you from the pain and upset that plagues you currently.

7 life changes you can expect from spending the day with me!

1) Clarity: You’ll know exactly what is required of your life.

Knowing exactly what you need to do next is such a good feeling as a wife and mother. An even better feeling is knowing exactly which steps to take in your life in order give you the biggest results with the most ease.

My goal is: let’s expand some energy now so that you reap the results (and ease) for years to come.

I’m known for helping my clients get completely clear about their life and direction they want to take both. This means no more confusion, guessing, or wondering if you are headed down the right path when it comes to your life.

2) Game Plan: You’ll leave your VIP day with the focus that can only come from having a clear life plan created just for you.

You are unique. So is your life and the way you live it. In your VIP day, we’ll get down to the essence of who you are and what you most want to create in your life.

3) Accountability: Show up for you!

I do this by energetically clearing the places you are functioning in life unconsciously. Part of our day includes hands on energy sessions to bring you more present and embodied than ever before!

4) Life Verification: Who or what is draining you?

I will personally energetically evaluate your home clearing any and all beings and or entities that maybe draining your life and home of essential life force energies. We will also look at who is hindering your growth.


5) Energy Implanting: Energetically create your ease!

I will help you see what energetic implanting activities we can add to your life to bring you the most joy and ease. You’ll walk away with a clear plan to create more joy and ease by focusing thoughts and activities that you truly enjoy doing.


6) Discover how to choose you

I will show you how to feel what something creates for your life and give you strategies to stay within what works for you. Learn to stand in your power to choose what works and what doesn't.

7) Be allowance

I will help you expand your allowance to allow your husband and your children to choose for them. Relieving yourself from the duties of being the sole decision maker frees you up to do other things for you that will create more for your life than micro managing your family.


Throughout our VIP Day I listen very closely not only to your words, but to who you ARE and the unique gifts that you bring to your world. I will help you tap into those unique gifts so you can share them with your family and the world to create a life that you love to live.


The day will consists of an 8 hour time frame where we will meet at your home and or a mutual location.


After the VIP day is complete I will continue to work energetically with your life plan for 10 days. In addition during this time, I will create an audio specifically for you and your life. This audio can be used to continue to shift and change and solidify the work we did together. From here one follow up session around the 10 day mark to finish up anything that maybe required and to share new awareness you may have or I may have. This day is to create fast shift and change creating more for your life right away.

VIP days are a flat rate of $3500. inside of Michigan. Additional fee for out of state travel.

International VIP days can be arranged by contacting Jamie to see what is possible. If you would like to schedule your own VIP day please contact Jamie today to see when to get your magical me day right away!