Join me for an expansive 12-month series to learn to receive from everyone and everything and change your life dramatically!

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The Receive Project

More money- More ease - More of you 

Ready to stop feeling alone in this world?

Tired of feeling like you don't belong?

Ready to stop cycling in this world is hard?

Time to release what's stopping you from connecting to the rest of the world?

Ready to receive more money, more ease and more of you now?

In 2015 I launched a 12-month program that changed everything. This program was called the receive project. It changed my life, the way I saw the world and expanded me into something completely different.

So this year I am doing it again. Only this time from a completely different viewpoint. This program will take you to a new space energetically and it will create more of you showing up. It will expand you in ways you didn't know existed and create more ease than ever before.

This series is over but you can now get instant access to all 12 months,

36 audios in total right now!

What will you be learning for these 36 audios?

  • To receive from everyone and everything.

  • To ask and receive from the universe in new ways.

  • How to stay in the place of ease and expansion.

  • What it feels like to choose from lightness.

  • How to be present with what you desire.

  • How to manifest your wildest dreams!

What you can expect while you learn and after these audios:

  • Tons and tons of massive discounts and deals.

  • Free stuff, for real free stuff.

  • Bill credits- like on your power bill, insurance bills, phone bills, ect.

  • Unexpected money from all over.

  • Peace and ease inside your body which equates to less anxiety, less upset, less anger, rage and so on.

  • Clarity about what you really want in life.

  • A feeling of difference that you really have to experience to believe. People who work with me change in a way that is not describable but felt deeply within.

Here's how it works:

These audios have already been created, so when you sign up you will receive instant access to all 36 of them!

There are 12 different "receives" each of these were recorded for a 12 month series. Not only is there an audio for the receive but there is also an exercise and a clearing call.

Here is what is included:
Month one: receiving from you.

Month two: receiving from family.

Month three: receiving from the Universe.

Month four: receiving beyond making you wrong.

Month five: receiving from businesses and creations.

Month six: receiving judgment to be, do or choose for you.

Month seven: receiving information and or awareness.

Month eight: acknowledgement for being you.

Month nine: awareness of future creations.

Month ten: information for what you desire.

Month eleven: receiving money.

Month twelve: receiving gratitude for being you.

For each receive there will be:

  • Call one is an explanatory call about the receive with instructions on what we are receiving from.

  • Energetic expansion recording. This recording will go into clearing out the things stopping us from receiving with the same concepts.

  • Clearing call reducing the noise around the concept we are receiving from.

36 calls that come every 10 days for a whole year! Work at your own pace learning to receive from everyone and everything! 

36 calls to change the energy, space and consciousness of you!


Not Currently Available