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The Conscious Empath is a life-changing program that will teach you step by step how to live as an Empath.

  • Get present in your body. 

  • Stop absorbing other people's pain and energies. 

  • Stop the self-sabotage and learn to frequency match what you desire. 

  • Learn boundaries and how to stop allowing everyone to upset you or take advantage of you. 

  • Step into your power with ease.

  • Align with the life you desire. 

Learn to be A Conscious Empath

The conscious empath is an energetically sensitive person who understands that they are intuitively aware of everyone and everything.

They understand that things of the past happened for a reason and fully understand that they no longer have to be the effect of that.

They are also aware that moving their life forward is created based on the daily choices they make and they are ready to make some big ones! 

They are capable and able to feel into a situation and feel what energy that situation will create.

They are strong enough to say no to things that are not in alignment with where they want to go.

They are motivated and inspired to create their life on their terms within the confines of what they would like to choose.

They know that whatever they desire they are capable of creating. 

The unconscious empath is continuously overwhelmed by emotions and upsets that rule their day.

They may feel discombobulated, overwhelmed and irritated with much of their existence with no real solid reason why.

They struggle with making daily choices, understanding what works for their life, and why everything has to be so hard.

They feel anxious, foggy-headed, and often uncomfortable all the time.

They are surrounded by people that don’t honor them or work for their life.

They work in jobs that really don’t work for them. 

And they tend to be emotionally invested in people who continually hurt them and make them wrong.

Ready to make the shift?

If you're ready to slow down and get present in your life.

If you're ready to empower yourself to be and do differently.

If you're ready to commit to yourself that this time you will be different.

No more settling for the same life over and over.

Now is the time to learn a new way to be and to show up as it right this very moment.

The Conscious Empath will take you on an inward journey of connecting to you, learning who you are and what works for you. Clearing and releasing yourself from everything that isn't you. Show you how to get clear about what you desire. And move forward with accountable actions.

This program is not for those who give up easily. This program will be an inner journey of quieting the mind and allowing the being to show up, scars and all. And here we will shed the layers of upset, disappointment, shame and blame and move forward empowered and in control of forward motion.

Module one: Separating you from the noise

Here you will learn what you as a being feel like. This will give you tools to learn to always return back to who you be no matter what is going on around you. This is a dynamic piece of releasing your old self. 


Module two: Clearing out the pain and firing the inner critic

Get clear about the pain you are holding onto and clear it for good. Dive into the head noise and untangle it from your system. These two go hand in hand in healing your life. 

Module three: Unpack the deep-rooted trauma

Diving into the deep stuff. Here we will deep dive into the old experience that shaped who you think you are, what you can choose, and why you are limited. 

Module four: Creating healthy boundaries

Learn to say no. Release everything and anything that no longer works for you. Step into the awareness of how things affect you and learn to make decisions about your life with ease. 

Module five: Learning what does work for me

Making conscious choices to what it is you would like to create. Learn how to feel your truth and follow it with ease.

Module six: Choosing my life and creating it with ease!

Set goals and learn how to frequency match them! Create a life you love by implementing daily rituals to create more for you with ease! 

This program is a self-study program that includes support!

This program can be completed in 6 months but you can take as long as you need as you will have access as long as the program exist!

You may revisit any of the modules at any time, in fact I do encourage going back through frequently as you shift and change!

Every month for 6 months there will be a live call with me plus continuous engagement inside the group. 

After the 6 months are completed you will still have access to the group for questions and sharing.

Sign up now! Next class starts January 19th 2020


One payment of $497.00

Payment Plan

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