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Time to heal....

Get out of energy overwhelm.

Release yourself from the over-emotional roller coaster. 

Stop the energy drains preventing you from living your life. 

Learn to make conscious choices that create more space and ease in your life. 

Start living your best life with tools that support your being, your body, and your magical capacities. 

Submerse yourself in a program that will guide you step by step to heal your life. 

Stop the overwhelm and energy drains from taking over your life.

Imagine if you will for a moment, spending the day feeling joyful.
No feeling bad about what someone else did to you.
No more feeling bad about what you said or did.
Just hanging out, feeling good, settled and free in your life.
For over the last decade I have been teaching Empaths just like you to gain control over their powers and create a life they live. 
One thing remains consistent, client after client, no one has taught us how to be Empaths in this reality. 
I am Jamie Bates, founder and creator of The Conscious Empath system and change facilitator extraordinaire. 
I have dedicated my life to teaching others how to shift, heal and transform their lives, with simple easy to use tools the create freedom from energetic drains and emotional overwhelm. 

Being the conscious empath will guide you step by step into being the conscious and aware person your life requires. 

If you struggle with any of these:

  • Absorbing other people’s pain and emotional states. This can keep you continuously drained and overwhelmed. In fact you may find it difficult to leave the house for any amount of time. 

  • Cycling in emotions you don’t want to be. Feeling sad or depressed without being able to change it. Cycling in anger and rage even when you hate being angry. Feeling bad about being emotional, AKA feeling guilty or shameful about your past and your actions. 

  • Not being able to say no or do things you would like to do or choose because of what someone may think or say. Having to constantly energetically check in with others to see if what you want to do it okay with them or if they approve. 

  • Being indecisive, not knowing what to choose or do with your life. Always second guessing your choices and seeing what everyone else thinks. Basing your decisions on what others think and feeling disappointed with outcomes. 

  • People drain you and or create chaos and upset in your life. Stop allowing people to dominate your life. Become empowered to create what you would like to create!

This course will give you everything you need to become conscious and aware of the patterns keeping you stuck in a life that no longer works. 

Imagine your life: 
  • free from feeling bad about who you are. I know this doesn't seem possible, after all haven't you always felt bad about you?
  • free from feeling guilty all the time about everything. This one is difficult as well, can you even imagine NOT feeling guilty about everything? 
  • free from old trauma constantly circling in your mind. Can you even believe how long you can cling to old toxic thoughts?
  • free from further emotional conflicts. It's amazing how different life becomes when you let go of the past. 
  • free to dream and choose what ever you would like to choose. I know doesn't seem possible. 
  • free to be you, to love you, and allow others to love you too. This is the icing on the cake!
This is just a small handful of all the amazing things that happen in your life when you learn how to exist differently in this world. 
Check out the complete program and sign up here!


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