Expand Your Reality small group

Drop your emotional drama, reclaim your joy and passion for life and step into more money, magic and miracles by remembering who YOU truly are.

End the pain and suffering of being stuck in your head, being the victim of your own stories and conditioning and realize that you are your answer and there is nothing wrong with you!

Begone the self-sabotage, fear of being heard or seen, fear of failure or success....fear of being the real you!

More peace, contentment, self-acceptance, increased capacity to let in all the good stuff and have more acceptance for the things we cant change. Increased alignment and capacity to bring in and hold financial abundance.


If you're looking too:

  • Expand your intuitive abilities.

  • Know how to make decisions that expand your life.

  • Stop the looping mind chatter that says your not good enough.

  • Feel strong to say no to things that don't work for you.

  • Release yourself from generational programing.


Imagine releasing all the stuff that's blocking you so you can:


  • Stop the overwhelm

  • Stop the constant cycle of worry.

  • Put away your fears about the future- no more obsessing about stuff you can't control.

  • Be clear about what you want in your life so you can create it with ease.

  • Say no to things that drain and upset you.

  • Create peace and ease in your daily life.

  • Create a new space for you to be you.

And imagine doing it alongside someone who’s been through many many times and a group of like-minded people just like you who are all committed to changing their lives.


All of this is possible!


This group will:

  • Teach you easy to use tools and processes daily to continually expand your life.

  • Show you how aware and intuitive you truly are.

  • Release you from all generational baggage you know longer need to carry.

  • Untangle you from being uncomfortable in your skin.

  • Support you through a dynamic transformation.

I’ve been assisting people to create major breakthroughs in their lives since 2010 and I would love to help you! I have a defined set of tools and processes I will take you through that will shift and change your life dramatically.  This program is a combination of everything I have learned that I know creates results.


This group program includes:

  • Four months of group coaching with like minded people.

  • One personal session with Jamie.

  • Eleven people max per group.

  • A VIP facebook group  where you can share and learn more.

  • Eleven group calls. The schedule will be determined by what works best for the group.

  • Lots of insider information on how to create ease for you and others.

  • Support from me through out the journey.

  • A special box I will personally mail you with goodies from me!



  • Any additional add-ons or programs I feel are required to help you get results.

  • One of my signature programs designed for you- creating consciousness.

  • One of my 30 day programs.

  • Worksheets with information for you to have to continue to expand into something greater.

  • Plus I will add you to my daily energetic contribution list! This alone creates more ease, money and magic almost instantly!



You can join the group program for $1497.00 

or 7 payments of $249.00


If you’re ready to catapult your life into ease, now is the time to join me!


End your struggles and expand into ease so that you can live the life you have always dreamed!


Growth can be uncomfortable.

If you are:

  • So over the way your life is now.

  • Tired of feeling frustrated and upset.

  • Beyond ready for life to change.

Than this small group is for you!

Although it maybe uncomfortable you will find a new you on the other side.


The change you will experience will go far beyond the four months we spend together. This program will change the way you process information and take you to a more peaceful, easeful space of you. This will have an effect on everything you do and everywhere you go. This program is a foundation to build upon that will create life as showing up for ease for you for as long as you do it.


This is not a quick fix.

This is a lifestyle change that allows you to be the person you are instead of the person life told you, you had to be. See below for past participants testimonials.

Have questions about whether this program is right for you? Please contact me and I will assist you.


Join now!

One payment of $1497.00

Payment plan

7 payments of $249.00

Check out what some of my participants had to say:

Andrea Dombecki,

Spiritual Advisor www.angelfairyhealing.com

I am so grateful for this experience. I am super changed. The consistency has been amazing for me and has really helped me solidify big change. I am noticing lasting change in the way I deal with life and others. Most of all I am finding more space for my magical self which I kind of lost somewhere. I was definitely getting beaten down by life. I think that is why my soul called in this program. I am so happy to find a system and coach that is a perfect fit for me! I am so ready to be empowered in the now and create my dream reality! I feel like a mountain of goodness that is unmovable! YES! I am so grateful to Jamie Bates for her commitment to leading us through this journey!

Dr Riki Evans,

Traditional Naturopath

I can sum up this experience with a few words - I have more ease and I'm making myself more of a priority.
This is bringing me greater joy. I also loved the group connection. We all had similarities to share and support each other through.
Thank you, Jamie! Thank you everyone for your sharing and vulnerability! Hearing others experiences and perspectives brought awarenesses but also a feeling of not being alone. I hope we'll meet up again in another one of Jamie's programs soon!

Michelle Reynolds,

Children's Literacy Specialist

I thrived on my group coaching experience! I wasn’t ready to do private coaching but wanted more of Jamie and when I saw the opportunity for group coaching, I just knew it was for me. Meeting with these women weekly with the guidance of Jamie was transformational. We all found it so amazing that no matter who was sharing, it would impact something within each one of us and be just what we needed to hear that week. The support and encouragement I received from the women in my group propelled me forward in my choices and creating a life of EASE!