Playing in Polarity

Releasing you from emotional intensity

Join Jamie Bates, world wide facilitator on an epic journey through transformation

Free yourself from overwhelm and the emotional intensities that are creating it.

If you're done feeling overwhelmed, over-processed and over-emotional this program is for you.


Being The Conscious Empath

Are you fed up with the emotional roller coaster?

Are you done:

  • Yelling and screaming at your kids and or spouse all the time?

  • With the nagging sense of failure?

  • Feeling like your trying to control everything but actually nothing is in control?

  • Being upset with yourself for how you reacted to someone?

  • Reliving painful memories that make you feel like you have failed?

  • Struggling through the day without emotionally exploding?

  • Being frustrated with the current choices you have available for your life?

Ready to:

  • Have everyone react differently to you? (even your kids and or your spouse!)
  • Have the relationships you desire?
  • Stop feeling like your life is spiraling out of control?
  • Be in a space where you feel the universe fully supporting you?
  • Release the guilt in yourself and finally truly heal?
  • Release the painful memories and replace them with joy?
  • Create the peace inside you want to have in your life?

If you said YES to the above then this program is for you!


Learn how to be the lightness and shine it everywhere

You are a powerful creator, although right now you may not feel very powerful. This program will give you the information and the tools you require to stand in your power. It will give you real-life knowledge you can use and apply to almost every situation. You will learn how to be aware, stand in your truth and be the peace you so desperately desire. Give yourself the gift of peace and ease. You deserve it.

"I have developed this program that works down to

the molecular structure of who you be.

It creates space, change, and empowerment just by listening.

This program will be intense. It will change the way you respond in situations, it will shape you into the peaceful being you desire to be. It also offers you practical tools you can use time and time again to solidify your transformation.

This program will heal your body on all levels. It will change the way your molecules vibrate producing lasting change."

Jamie Bates

Not only do you receive my signature playing in polarity audios, you also receive five other programs all combined to create a life altering change at a fraction of the time you would take doing therapy with a fraction of the cost!

I am NOT a therapist nor do I claim to be! I am an energy transformer, intuitively guided to create lasting change through out your body, integrating an ease that is palpable to those around you. 

Here are what some of my participants said one year after completing the program:

Dr Riki Evans,

Naturopath ~ Author ~ Mom ~ Grandma

I experienced great change from listening to the program. There were so many concepts and limiting beliefs that I agreed with or discovered through listening to theses calls. I also felt your energy, space and consciousness during each call, it assisted with my expansion. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite audio. There isn’t one that stands out beyond the others. If I had to pick a favorite freebie, I would be hard pressed, I love them all. The program was the perfect length for me. I was able to keep up with the calls and energy changes myself.

I loved the playing in polarity! It covers many of the basic emotions and things that everyone deals with. It’s a great program.

Kennetha Hill,

CMT ~ Business Owner ~ Mom

I experienced huge changes with this program. I honestly had no idea how tangled up in others points of view I was.

I gained confidence in myself by taking this program. I was always afraid to speak up and tell people how I really felt and found myself agreeing with those around me just so I could feel like I belonged somewhere, now  I am speaking out when something does not work for me.

I have gone through each recording several times.  I honestly enjoyed each and every one. Although it required a commitment, I believe had it been shorter I would not have been willing to dig in as deep. This program  was a constant reminder that changing who you truly are takes time and consistency and consistency requires commitment.

Koula Stoll,

Buisness Owner ~ Mom

Playing in polarity was life changing. This series made a huge impact on my life. It pulled me out of anger and upset completely. Every audio was good in its own way.

I used to be in tons of upset over having enough time. I no longer feel rushed and upset. I currently get all my stuff done but I no longer have the pressures of getting the stuff done. I still get every thing done I just no longer get upset about it.

This program was an amazing journey that I took with you, your compassion and understanding was seriously life changing. 

Although it  was six months it wasn’t too long it was just right.

I honestly think that that is your best work and while it was probably the rawest and the least refined, it was the best!

Ready to join me on an adventure to massive life change?

This program is an intensive experience that includes:

  • Clearing Audios for a variety of different constructs:
    Ex. Removing the system of fear, releasing guilt, stop the anger, standing in your power, choosing wealth and so much more!

  • Distant Body Healing.

  • Over 40 polarity audios with instant access!

  • Plus four additional individual programs found NOWHERE ELSE!

In addition you get:

  • Dissolving Unworthiness: removing the paradigms of being unworthy.

  • Ending Money Struggle: clearing out the struggle constructs giving you more space of you.

  • Making the Demand: Stories and experiences that help you stand in the demand of a life that works.

  • Parenting Ease: creating ease not only around being a parent but also about being parented. Everyone has residual childhood places where we had no choice. This series clears up the yuck.

You do not want to miss this!

Over 80 hours of definable change!


with Being The Conscious Empath Program. 

(Get massive change for a fraction of the price of therapy! Don't believe me? Check out my testimonial page to see testimonials from actual therapists!)