I work with Empaths, Intuitives, Healers and those who are energetically sensitive.

If you are ready to be done with what's stopping you I offer energetic support with life-changing tools that when combined will have your life showing up completely differently! Let's dive into your life and create some magic and miracles! 

Here is what I am currently offering:

Ready to dive in and completely transform your life? Looking for a more personalized approach?

This is for the awakened seeker ready for big change now!

Want a magical day of transformation all to yourself? Ready to take your life to the next level now? Let's bust through some blocks with your very own personal VIP healing day. Jamie will come to you no matter where in the world you are located!

Drop your emotional drama, reclaim your joy and passion for life and step into more money, magic and miracles by remembering who you are! Join a group of like minded seekers into the journey back to you.

Is your business hard? Do you know that more should be possible with success? This service is perfect for you if you are craving more energetic ease with all aspects of your business.