Building your life matrix with Jamie Bates

Join me for a live experience in expansion and intentional presence.

At the beautiful Delray sands resort

At the beautiful Delray sands resort

Class on the beach

Class on the beach

Learn with the sound of the waves

Learn with the sound of the waves

Beautiful ocean front rooms

Beautiful ocean front rooms

Treat yourself to delicious foods

Treat yourself to delicious foods

Explore the city

Explore the city

Meet people all over the world

Meet people all over the world

Eat delicious dinners

Eat delicious dinners

Are you:

  • Tired of endless clearing?

  • Done getting caught in everyone else's crap?

  • Ready to change the way you think of your daily experiences?

  • Looking to fully jump into a space that works for you?

  • Aware that life should be so much more magic than you are creating?

  • Bored with what is currently showing up?


If so, join me live for an experience that WILL change the way your life shows up!


This experience is designed to give you the space to show up as you, create and stand in energies you are desiring, and give you the permission and the space to create!

During this experience you will receive:

  • A matrix building manual- this manual will give you tools, processes, and

        hands on materials to create new energies to build your life with.

  • Body processes, invocations, and attunments that will create more of you showing up, plus give you some cool tools to use on you and others.

  • Some amazing back to you exercises to keep you present no matter what is

        going on around you.

  • Real life experiences- not only will we be doing a VIP class, we will also be

        going on trips and a celebration to show you how to deal with certain people

        and energies for a real life experience.


Learn to be the magic you be no matter what is going on around you. Learn to build your life energetically with information that will explain and validate what you already know about how easy life “should” be. And make some pretty cool new friends! After all, we are a unique breed of magic. Come meet some cool new friends from around the world, experience real time magic, and get permission to be the magic you truly be in the warm Florida sunshine.

Our days together will include:

  • Class on the beach- This will help you show up as you no matter what is going on around you.

  • Daily shopping trips- From the gemstone store to the grocery store to the clothing store we will be exploring what works for you and what you are aware of together.

  • Dinner together every night- Here we will talk about food choices, exploring foods that are yummy for your body. 

  • Driving together and acknowledging what we really know!

  • Body processes to give you more permission to show up as the potent being you be!

Fun in the sun!
Connecting to like minds
Learn about how Jamie parents
Connect and go beyond
Feeling the vibes
Shopping together and choosing
Eatting yummy food
Choosing things even though
Get your very own
Have fun being you

This will be an experience. We will spend as much time as we can together, learning, shifting, acknowledging, being present. You will be amazed at how doing conscious field trips will bring you into so much more you! The pictures on this page are from my very first group.

Here is what a few of them had to say:

Robin Dinaso

I loved practicing with you. Going into public places and talking about what we were aware of was a game changer for me. The confirmation really helped me get clearer and clearer. The hands on and the continuous application of tools really created me being more and more present. Like way greater than any phone session could do. It's all magic when applied and it fucking works! This retreat changed my life. 

Ursel Bartole

This workshop changed my life. The kindness and caring I received literally brought me to tears numerous times. I felt like I got something greater than I ever have. I am not sure I have ever experienced the pure joy I did here at class. I will forever be changed with what I have learned. Jamie was such an amazing space of change. Thank you Jamie for giving me the freedom to be me.

Andrea Bartole

I came with my mom on this adventure and I can honestly say we have never laughed as hard as we did here. I seen my mom experience a childlike joy I have never experienced. Many things clicked during our time together. It was such a unique experience. Having someone to validate and explain what you are experiencing is priceless. I really feel like this class changed things for me majorly.

Retreat dates for 2020 


October 29th- October 31st- Canceled do to Corona Virus. New dates soon.

Class will be held all day from 10am-6pm with group dinner to follow.

Retreat pricing: $1500. for retreat. $750. for repeat pricing. 

Hotel, food, and travel expenses are not included.

I have a few shared  spaces available for shared room based on

first come- first serve. Prices vary depending on dates.

*You are NOT required to stay at the same hotel.

The venue is located on beautiful Del Ray beach with plenty of things to do local!

There are restaurants onsite, pool, and plenty of beach!

I will be providing daily morning and afternoon snacks.

All other meals will not be provided.

Delray Sands Resort

This retreat will be packed full of body processes, verbal processes, life experiences, attunment from me and more! Please contact me to reserve your spot.