Reset & Release

A conscious reset with connection,

growth and transformation

Presence. Priorities. Purge. Peace. Power.

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5 week transformation

Not Currently Available

Join me for 35 days as we commit to elevating our lives, resetting intentions on growth and transformation. *This program is already recorded and starts as soon as you sign up!

Through this journey I will share my daily rituals with you that create:

  • getting clear and staying clear.

  • finding your flow of ease.

  • aligning with what works for you.

  • prioritizing your daily life.


Week 1: Get present

Week 2: Get your priorities straight.

Week 3: Purge the thoughts, feelings, ideas and everything else that doesn't align.

Week 4: Expand the peace in your life.

Week 5: Stand in your power.

This class has already been recorded and starts as soon as you sign up!!

Each reset will include new things to implement into your daily life.

Each audio helps you to implement the rituals to your day, clear a new space, grow, shift and change!

Are you ready to evolve into the conscious creator you know you could be?


Not Currently Available

Tina Godfrey,

Barber, Healer

This class changed so much for me. The daily audios were a great reminder to stay present. I loved the progression of information. It has really created some massive space in my life. This was exactly what I required to find and reconnect to me. Thank you Jamie. Life changing.

andrea dombecki.jpg

Andrea Dombecki,

Healer, Designer

It was a wonderful class. The 5 weeks went by so fast. I loved the last week about power!!! I had so many epiphanies about how I surrender my will to others all the time and then I just feel empty. I'm super practicing my tools to stay present and aware. Expanding and bringing more space. I literally feel like I can see the energy of reality in slow motion. It is all just balls of energy and information floating around!!! I'm not getting as stuck in crappy energies. Instead I'm finding my soul space of freedom and bliss. Also I feel space is an illusion so we can always make more space for our peace and ease even if we feel stuck. Love it! I need these super evolutionary tools right now!


Robin Dinaso,

Intuitive Coach

I've come to realize in a whole new way just how much I'm the creator of EVERYTHING that shows up in my life, my body, in my thoughts, feelings and emotions! It's funny how when you PURGE, the very things that you purge SHOW YOU exactly what REQUIRES to CHANGE ❤
 I'm finally more than ever at a place in my life that I'm READY & WILLING TO BE DONE WITH IT, it doesnt serve me in the NOW but it's been one of my greatest teachers.....its amazing how resistance to information does not clear until you actually acknowledge YOUR TRUTH about it! Thank you for this purge. Life changing.

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