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Reiki for Conscious People
This is a Reiki Course for those seeking consciousness! This class has already been recorded and is now available for instant access! This is a non-traditional online Reiki course. Open up the flow of healing energy! This course is ideal for Empaths and Intuitives.

Jamie Bates, has been a teaching Reiki Master for more than 10 years.
After teaching traditional Reiki, Jamie discontinued the process simply because a majority of the “rules” didn’t really work for her any longer. This course will be “non-traditional” all around.
Once Reiki attuned many people experience great shifts and HUGE breakthroughs with awareness. There is value in adding a Reiki attunement to your healing toolbox. Is now the time for you?
Reiki I will cover:
~What Reiki is.
~How to use Reiki.
~How to tap into universal frequencies that are present to accelerate healing and free will.
~Reiki Attunement.
~And a healing attunement specifically for you

Reiki II will cover: (must have already taken Reiki I

~Distance healing.

~Using Reiki with others.

~Reiki secrets!

~Plus an extra healing modality you can use in addition to Reiki to supercharge the energy. 

Reiki Master (must have already taken Reiki I and Reiki II) 

~Receive your Reiki Master attunement which gives you full rights and access to teach Reiki and pass the Reiki attunement onto others. 

~Learn to give Reiki attunements and practice live during the class. 

~Get everything you require to move forward as a Reiki master and teach others Reiki as a Reiki Master. 

This will be a Reiki class without the form, structure, and significance. This class incorporates consciousness, creating an environment for your energies and awarenesses to flow.

Reiki is an attunement to a healing frequency that once activated will be yours forever.

Have you waited till now for your Reiki attunement? Is now the time for you to activate this powerful frequency of healing?

This workshop has already been recorded and will be immediately emailed to you. Reiki is an intelligent energy and can be activated at any time.
Get instant access now!

Both classes are $75 each or $125 for both.

Single Course

Reiki I or Reiki II

Both Courses

Reiki I & Reiki II