What's stopping you from receiving boat loads of money? 

Are you aware of the gift you could be to this world if you had the money you desired?

Play with me for 30 days of asking and receiving random amounts of money and let's see what wealth we can create!

What could you receive if you spent 30 days

receiving money with me?

*this program is already recorded and comes with immediate access to all the audios.

Clear the lack

Everyday for 30 days we will clear out the "You can't haves" around money and give you the space to have it!

Not Currently Available

Ask & Receive

Learn to ask and receive money in a new expansive way! Learn to be the space of money to have it with ease!

Not Currently Available

Play with the energy

Learn to play with the energy of receiving massive amounts of money, expanding your ability to receive.

Not Currently Available

Get all 30 audios now!

  • 30 short audio- 15 minutes or less!

  • Each audio will be around receiving a different amount of money.
    What if receiving $200. is hard for you but you will receive $20,000 with ease?
    Have you ever played with receiving massive amounts of money? Is the universe waiting to gift you? I am super excited to see what we can receive! How fun would it be if someone received a million dollars? And how inspiring could it be to be together clearing out the points of views that we can't receive tons of money and receiving more than we ever have before!

  • Every day there will be a new clearing, a new receiving and a new energy to invoke to add the space of money to your life!

This program is not currently available.