For the awareness seekers ready to go beyond limitations now!

  • Are you ready for life to be different yesterday?

  • Tired of endlessly searching for what will help you?

  • Are you ready for radical change now?

Good news! I offer personalized energy facilitation at your service

to support you in creating your transformation. 


Imagine having someone having your back and guiding you to your

greatest expression? You are only a choice away from a new you!

Join me dramatic life shifts made easy!

Ready to step into an easier life that works better for you?


Are you ready to:

  • Move forward with your life?

  • Stop looping in indecision and excuses?

  • Say no to things that don't work for you?

  • Know without a doubt what's true for you life?

  • Release the story you keep telling yourself about why things aren't changing?

  • Release the past you?


My unique energy facilitation will catapult your life into forward motion.


We will go big and hard diving into the energetic realms of what’s been stopping you.


Do you feel like:

  • You’ve been held back from wounds in your past, such as childhood abuse?

  • Do you keep repeating the same patterns you hate and aren’t working for you?

  • Do you want to be happy and are tired of feeling like you have to fake it?

  • Do you get triggered into anger easily even though you hate being angry?

  • Do you tend to be on repeat with feelings you’re ready to be done with?

  • Are you ready to be done feeling upset with your life?

  • Done looping in the why you don't have what you really want?


This is the perfect program for you!

Complete Support

Let me support you energetically and mentally as you dissolve the barriers to your freedom.

Let's release the toxicity that plagues your life and together we will lead you to the clarity, joy and ease your life has been desiring. 

If you done telling yourself tomorrow will be different and ready to actually choose to be different now is the time.

Create You

Together we will create a space for you and your soul to be immersed in a life that works. Let's define who you would like to be and create a space for that to be your reality. With my one on one support you will uncover the life you love to live!

You will wake up feeling empowered and ready to tackle your day!

Look at what’s’s what my current clients are experiencing:

  • The absence of frustration.

  • An ease that is felt throughout their life that everyone notices, even strangers.

  • Joy in daily activities they never had before.

  • A shift in time, where although they are doing no less than before, they seem to have way more time to do the things they enjoy.

  • New experiences literally showing up from everywhere.

  • A new adventure in leaving the comfort zone of their home.

  • Feeling comfortable and confident in their own skin.

  • Closeness and intimacy returning with their relationships.

  • Expressing themselves greater than ever.

  • A great expansion of ease with everything they choose.

  • A flow of joy and happiness that shows across their faces daily.

One of my VIP clients recently said:

"I just felt lost inside. Nothing really brought me joy. My life wasn't "bad" by any means but it just felt like something was missing. I was still doing me daily, running my business and doing things I kind of enjoyed but at the end of the night I just felt like a zombie. I'm happy to say the zombie has left the building! I am finding joy in my day and in my life I hadn't really even considered I wanted. In the short time Jamie and  worked together she really changed me. I can't explain the process but I will tell you that it's been six months since our sessions were over and I feel happy, confident and i'm pursuing new dreams and a new man! I love the tools she taught me. Worth every penny I spent. You only live once, make it count! Thank you Jamie. I am so grateful for you." Janice P.

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If you’re ready to transform your life, now is the time to claim it! I would love to assist you in fully immersing yourself in a life that works.


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