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Whose Upset Is This Anyway?

Feeling overwhelmed in upset today? Feeling unsettled? Over emotional? Highly agitated? Whose upset is that? Is it yours? Someone else’s? Or something else’s?

What if what you are experiencing doesn’t even belong to you?

When you read that, does it make you feel heavier? Or lighter?

Is it possible what you are “feeling” is a collective amount of energy, space and consciousness? And none of it is a wrongness of you?

Think about the feeling you have been identifying with- you have been feeling ????

Do you actually have a reason to feel ........?

Is it possible everything you have been feeling is just energy you have been perceiving? After all your body is a receiving organ receiving information from everyone all the time. What if there is nothing “wrong” with you ever? What if everything you have been identifying with is just an awareness of a frequency nearby? Take a deep breath. You feel the difference now?

Is now the time to stop identifying with emotions that aren't yours?

If your ready to be done with random upsets join me for a free series on my home page.


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