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What Is Parenting Ease?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Parenting ease is truly having the ease of being a parent. It's mostly made up of having ease in every area of parenting.

It's having control to not auto-respond with words that make you feel bad.

It's being able to say you're sorry and clear it when you do something as a parent and you think, oh that's going to leave a scar.

It's being able to free yourself from the guilt of words you said and the decisions you made that made you feel bad. It's releasing those yucky feelings about what you said that replay in your head constantly.

It's not feeling like a failure as a parent.

It's untangling the sadness you feel for your kids about the choices you made that feels like you negatively impacted them.

It's releasing the need to yell, scream or be upset at all.

It's learning to openly discuss all matters with your kids.

It's surrendering your fears and worries about the future.

It's understanding that everything is changeable, words, relationships, and actions.

It's learning to give your child a choice.

It's teaching them how to make independent decisions that add to their life.

It's watching them grow, realizing that you have done so good.

It's seeing them flourish, be independent and responsible for their actions.

It's watching them make choices that light up their bodies. It's having late-night discussions about what matters to them.

It's nurturing and caring for them the way you have always desired you would.

It's having the inner knowing that you are raising confident, aware beings capable of making great choices.

It's marveling in what a great job you have done and how amazing the journey really is. #parenting #parentingease #consciousparenting #bepresent #beaware #teachawareness #stopyelling #timetochange

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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