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What If You Never Had To Be Disappointed Again?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

People used to disappoint me deeply.

Who am I to decide I am disappointed in other people's choices?

The conclusion that has created the stories of how things “should” be.

My ideas of right and wrong and good and bad don’t serve others, just stick me.

There is an acceptance of what is available to me.

Here I get to choose my life.

Here others get to choose how they will live theirs. And none of their life has anything to do with me.

Everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have.

Time to give up disappointment and live for me

I don’t get to choose disappointment for others.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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