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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

What's true for you always feels lighter. What's false for you always feels heavier.


Symptoms of living your truth include but are not limited too:

Random smiling.

Bouts of joy.

Feeling happy inside.

Laughing... really laughing.

Having random thoughts about how amazing your life really is.

If you are not experiencing the energies above its time to re-evaluate your life.

What are you doing today to contribute to growth and ease for yourself right away?

What is not working for your life? What can you release today?

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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