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The Power Of The Present Moment

The present moment is the only moment you have available to you.

In order to actually seize the power of the moment you have to be present.

Presence is the key to real lasting change. But for us Empaths, being present is a challenge. We are continuously inundated with information, swaying our emotions, our programming, and our ability to choose. We are so aware we often know what other people desire and this constant checking in creates a huge internal disconnect. There are so many things that prevent us from truly showing up.

Today I am going to break down some of the common things that prevent us energetically sensitive people from being present in our lives.

1. Our bodies are receiving organs always receiving information

This information is continuously cycling which is why you can never really get a good read on things. It's like being in a wind tunnel with information just swirling all around you. This information keeps you continually feeling distracted and disconnected from your day making being present almost impossible.

To easily change this learn to stay expanded. In the expansion there is room. Room for you and other information. At first expanding feels weird and you feel a bit overwhelming as you become more aware of all the things in your field. But soon you can really perceive how much space is really available for you and it's super freeing!

2. Other people's information triggers programs to "make you feel a certain way"

We have grown up in a society where we have been so programmed to respond that much of how we act and react during our day has nothing to little to do with what we would actually like to have or choose. It's like this happens, this is how you respond. The issue with that is most often that wasn't how you wanted to respond. You don't want to respond in limitation and reaction. You don't want to be mad about silly things any longer, only you can't seem to change that. You may spend your whole day feeling stupid for saying that or upset with yourself for acting out of character. Spending your day upset with yourself because of the way you reacted or responded keeps you from actually having any choice in how you function in your day. This stops you from being present as it's too hard to be present with the wrongness you feel about you.

The good news is you can change your programming by doing some simple energy clearings. You have to catch those response places and decide you want something different. You can then use energy clearings to clear out the programs, which is a major help in creating a space for you to be present without feeling wrong. Check out energy clearings and how to do them here.

3. You are so aware it makes it easy to check in with others instead of choosing for you

I've heard it stated so many times, "being so aware is a curse." It's not a curse it's really just learning to be your magic self! You are so aware. No one has praised you for that or gave you space to be it. Now is your time to change that.

You have more than likely built your life checking in with others to see what they would like you to do or choose. You are really good at seeing what someone else wants and then talking yourself into doing it. What this creates is a constant ping pong of overwhelm with choices. Making it super hard to feel good about what you are doing or choosing, stopping you from being present in your life.

Setting up good boundaries for yourself understanding that what other people want is none of your business can free you from the constant feeling that you must please others. It's time to be present with you and what you would like to choose.

4. You feel bad or guilty that you don't have the time for others

Commit to showing up. Show up for your life and those that are important to it. Show up when it's time to show up and stop allowing yourself to make you wrong. Stop even entertaining feeling guilty. If you feel guilty, apologize, say your sorry, admit you don't want to be this way any longer, and LET IT GO. It really does become a choice.

So just to recap, it's time to show up. When you feel distracted and overwhelmed, expand out, clear the stuff coming up, be present with you, and show up when someone needs you. All of these things will contribute to changing your life dramatically. The power of the present moment is huge! Lean in and embrace the possibilities!

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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