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Healing The Energy Around A Traumatic Experience.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

If you have been through a traumatic experience you know first hand how hard it can be to heal and move forward. If you have had a life-altering experience, the pain, the sadness, and the anger can be very hard to shift.

I personally experienced something life-shattering and what I found in the process was me. Here is the process I used to heal myself from this experience. This is my journey. These steps helped me move from pain and sadness to empowerment through energy shifting.

Here's the process I used:

1. Acknowledge your pain.

Acknowledgment creates an energy that allows your pain to be heard. Dealing with trauma is hard and those around you may not understand. A common response to a traumatic experience is to push people forward and tell them how to heal. Sometimes the most healing thing you can do is stop and acknowledge how deeply this hurt you. This gives the experience a chance to be felt so it can be released.

2. Give yourself permission to release the pain.

Releasing the pain around it does not mean it didn't happen. It does not mean you didn't suffer. It just means you are ready to release the hurt around it. It just means the burden of the experience is ready to be released.

3. Grieve the loss.

Often in a traumatic experience, we are never given the option to grieve the loss of what we thought our life was going to be. When I found out my ex-husband had filed for a divorce unexpectedly I had to grieve the life I thought I was going to live with him. I had to grieve the loss of my family togetherness. Take everything you lost in your experience and give yourself permission to grieve the loss of it. Pushing yourself through and not giving yourself the space to acknowledge what you lost creates a build-up of sadness that later creates a ton of anger. It's okay to be sad that you lost a part of your life you never expected. It's okay to not be okay.

4. Surrender to what was.

Give yourself the time and space to truly surrender to what was. Allow yourself to take lots of time to deep breathe. Allow yourself lots of time to release and let go.

5. Give yourself space to choose to move forward.

As you move forward consciously create the space for new to show up. Remind yourself you can move on. And consciously choose to do it one step at a time. It's not a race. Do it on your own time frame.

6. Don't let others tell you how fast or slow you have to move on your healing journey.

This is yours and the more space you give yourself to choose it on your own terms the easier it will be.

I recently did a radio show on this exact topic, if you would like to hear it you can check it out at its called, healing from trauma.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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