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Feeling Disenchanted With The World?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

If you're like most of us you have been going through a massive life overhaul. You are waking up to the bullsh*t in your life. You have been shifting, changing, and digging deep.

You started at a space of unhappiness and emptiness and although that has shifted you still feel unmagical and lifeless.

Your awakening will have many stages.

Some days will be amazing! With massive breakthroughs and upgrades. Some days you will not even believe how freakin amazing you are at creating.

And then there will be down days.

There will be days you will feel so much resistance. You will choose stuff you "thought" you knew better to choose. You will recycle some major crap, one more time, because hey, what if you were wrong the last time right? You will feel defeated. Overwhelmed. The head noise may even return, "You can't do this. What were you thinking? This will never change." And for days maybe even weeks you will play in this low energy of defeat. You will feel so bad for you. And you may even get mad as H*LL! And you know what? One day that will shift again. The sun will shine on your face again. You will be on top of the world again. And man will you kill it with awareness. You will feel so light and so free.

And in those moments, you are evolving, shifting, changing, and creating something different. And when the low comes back around it won't be so intense this time. It won't feel so overwhelming unless you let it.

Here are some tips and tools for everyday life, not just for the downtimes. These tips are for the everyday. If you learn how to show up differently, your life will change for the better.

1. Learn to practice gratitude daily, for everything.

This universe is a frequency-based universe. It responds energetically to what you are giving energy too. It doesn't care if you are complaining or celebrating joy. If you are always saying, "I hate traffic." The universe goes, "oh give her more traffic." Or you can say, "I am grateful for easy drives to work." Then the universe knows you desire easy drives to work. Being thankful for everyday things is hard to get used to initially, but practicing it throughout your day not only programs you for the positive it also connects you with more things that light up your life. Here are some examples to start off:

When you wake up in the morning, "What a great night sleep. I am so grateful for my warm comfortable bed. I just love my blankets. They keep me so cozy."

When you go to use the bathroom and get ready for the day, "I am so thankful for indoor plumbing and hot showers. It's so nice to live in a time where we have these conveniences."

When you go to the fridge, "I am so grateful to have food to eat. Wow, am I so blessed to have delicious food that nourishes my body."

Now, this may seem overkill, but if you do this you will feel how much resistance you have built up to living in this reality. You must release this in order to move on with your awakening journey.

2. Release resistance

In order to truly become the space of something different and awaken all of you, you must stop resisting everyone and everything. You have to stop defending your actions. You have to stop fighting against people, places and things. You have to master the flow. You can perceive how much resistance you have in your life by the way you respond energetically to gratitude. The exercise above will help you to see how much resistance you are operating in this reality.

3. Make yourself a priority

In order to truly become your true self, you must learn to make yourself a priority.

You are worthy and deserving of anything you desire.

You are capable of creating anything you desire.

You are able to be anything you would like to be.

But you must make the space for you to create it.

4. Choose stuff you desire

As you shift and change you will find you are surrounded by stuff you don't love any longer! If your blankets are itchy and scratchy and leave you feeling yucky, g buy new ones. Splurge a bit surrounding yourself with things that match the life you want to live. And this isn't just with things, but experiences and people as well. Chose the life you want to live and be willing to have it.

5. You have to stop doing things that don't work for you

Now I am not for a minute suggesting you just stop working at your job because you hate it. I am saying you have to start establishing what works for you and what doesn't.

You have to stop the cycle of saying yes to stuff you really don't want to do.

You have to release the guilt you feel for not doing them.

6. You have to learn how to say no

This is your life no one else's. Every single thing you do or choose creates energy in your life. When you start shifting and changing, the things that don't work for you will become heavy and hard to do. That's because you are shifting and your alignment is changing. Listen to your awareness and honor yourself. If your awareness is a hard no, say it out loud without an excuse and take ownership of your choice. You will feel the expansion in you.

7. You have to establish boundaries

You are a different person than you used to be. You are learning how to be you, how to process through your life. Give yourself the time and space to do that.

8. Admit when you're wrong

If you mess up and you know it, apologize. Clear the air. Don't let things linger. Sometimes saying your sorry is hard. But the more you practice it the easier it gets. At the beginning of your awakening, it may take you days before you even realize when you do something that you need to apologize for and that okay. Do it then. The more you practice apologizing the easier it gets.

9. Learn a new way to be

There are a million magical tools to change the energy of anything! Learn tools that create a lightness in your being and expand your life magically.

If you need some new tools check out Expand Your Reality or anything within this website!

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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