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Don’t Project Your Disappointment At Me.

Have you ever had someone be disappointed with you? What did it feel like? When you think of that moment someone said to you, “I‘m disappointed in you.” Does it still feel the same? Are you still carrying around that gross projection of upset?

How much expectation and separation do you have to be in to be disappointed in someone?

How much superiority and righteousness do you have to function in to be disappointment in someone other than yourself?

Mistakes happen. Life is full of choices.

When you make someone else’s choices or actions wrong by projecting them into disappointment you aren’t giving them allowance or a choice but to feel bad about their actions.

There was a time in my life I had someone close to me who often projected disappointment for my choices and actions as though they were hers to make.

Like she had some magical insight to the frequency and alignment I was creating.

Like her point of view was more important than the way I felt about my own life.

I have definitely projected disappoint in my life for other peoples choices.

I am for sure not immune. But I have taken responsibility for my actions and made the conscious choice to not do that again.

As of today me and my future will not be present for anyone to project disappointment at me like they get to decide my life. See ya.... 👋


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