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How Long Does Lasting Change Take?

Change can be hard. Relapse is easy. By understanding that lasting change takes time to implement it can create more ease in the process.

I know the daydream. Something absolutely fabulous is going to happen and one day your life is going to be completely different.

You daydream about how you're going to win the lottery or how you're going to meet Prince Charming and his noble steed and you will ride

off into bliss. A new life is completely possible but overnight big change is likely not probable.

But what is possible is small daily changes that add up to huge leaps in growth in as little as 6 months. Releasing the idea that someone is going to swoop in and save you is step one in creating big change. As big change starts with you.

It begins with small daily changes, focusing first on really seeing what is present.

Really getting clear on what you have created and then taking responsibility for that creation.

Once you can hold yourself accountable, the change part becomes easier. Every day it’s actively choosing to be present, it’s choosing your emotional response, it’s choosing your future through releasing your past. It’s getting, really getting that everything you have is because of something you are holding onto and deciding, really deciding, you know what? I actually don’t want this any longer.

It’s being vulnerable with those you love, surrendering to what you were to become something different.

It‘s actively deciding, daily, what emotions you desire, what thoughts to entertain, what to do, be and how to live.

It’s understanding that no one else has power over you. It‘s releasing what doesn’t work for you and moving on. It’s healing your body, your being, and your Universe.

It‘s understanding that this is a process. You are learning a new way to be. You are unlearning lifetimes of programming.

It’s the releasing of who you used to be so you can have who you want to be.

It's a process. Surrender. Give yourself space. Follow what expands you and allow it to lead you to your lightness.

Is it hard work? It's an active choice.

Change can be hard but you don’t have too.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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