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Being Indecisive Creates More Than You Ever Could Imagine.....

Are you a chronic over-thinker? Are you always trying to figure out what choices you should make for your life? If so you should know the heavy cost of being indecisive.

Every thought you have creates energy. Every one.

When you are presented with information your brain brings the information in and starts processing it. The longer you sit with information without making a choice the more processing your brain does to try and “figure” the choice out. The thing is, is being indecisive is creating an energetic space of information overload. When you get into the information overload it’s hard to make any choice because it all just feels so overwhelming. Once you’re overwhelmed with any situation it almost makes it impossible to make any choice. Even ones that have nothing to do with what you were trying to figure out in the first place! This is why being indecisive is so dangerous. It overstimulates your mind with information and clogs your energy field with wonky energy. Because the reality is you always know what you want to choose, you just may not know how to go after it.

The first step is you have to stop getting caught in the figuring it out.

You literally have to stop!

The figuring it out is a place, like the upside-down in stranger things. lol.

It’s an invocation of information that overloads your system. When you tell the universe you're trying to figure it out, EVERY SINGLE THING you ask a question about invokes energy.

Ex. If you‘re trying to figure out if you should go on vacation- every single question you ask invokes information and takes you to what every one of those choices would create.

Every option you weigh is bringing in more and more information. Your being becomes overwhelmed and you literally can’t make any choice. You are a frequency being that speaks in energy. You have to stop playing in all the energies and get selective to the ones that work for you. Learning to make choices is key.

Here are some steps to stop being indecisive and make decisions with ease!

1. Get clear about what you are trying to decide.

Clarity is key! Get clear about EXACTLY what you are deciding about. Write them down! Often you can release several things your head is looping in just by getting out the pen and paper!

2. Take each choice you have one by one.

Once you have clarity about what you are trying to decide, take one choice at a time.

Take the first choice you have and ask, "Do I choose ...(Insert choice)... or something else?"

Note which one feels lighter and move onto the next choice. Do this for your list.

3. Choose the choice that feels the lightest.

Really choose it. Sit with that choice for an hour or for the night, not entertaining other choices. Literally just saying out loud, "I AM CHOOSING ......."

(If you are making a big choice like, "should I move," you're going to want to sit with that for a day or two. Smaller choices don't require as long.)

4. Stay out of your head!

Please for the love of all things stay out of your head while you allow your body to process that choice.

5. Give yourself space to really feel what that choice creates.

Continue to choose the choice for a time. Saying in your head and out loud about what you are choosing. Stating, "I am choosing ......"

6. Feel the choice in your body.

When you really choose a choice without being in your head about it you will feel in your body what that choice creates.

7. Go to the next choice.

Sit with every choice just like you did the first one. If you gave the first one 24 hours give the next one that time too.

8. Choose which one creates the energy in your body you want your life to feel like.

When you sit with your firm choice you will feel what that choice creates in your body. If you can't feel the choice you didn't sit with it long enough or you didn't stay out of your head. Feel what the choice creates by feeling what choosing made your body feel like. When you choose the choice did it feel light and fun and amazing? Or did it feel heavy and hard and restricting? Whatever it feels like after sitting with it is what that choice will create in your life. Pick the choice that is in alignment with what you want your life to feel like and don't look back!

P.S. Choices are only good for as long as you make it. So if you choose a choice and it creates a wonky in your life make a different one. But please stay out of your head! Your head does not know how to process information, your body does. Give your body the time and space to give you the information you require. If you want more help check out my online program called Ending the I DON'T KNOW it's all about making choices! Learn to make choices that work for you and live a life that works.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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