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10 Steps To Expand Your Receiving

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

These 10 steps will expand your receiving and allow you to be more of you and receive from everyone and everything. These steps are to create more for everyone.

1. Keep your barriers down- Would an infinite being ever need protection?

Coming from many years of metaphysical and spiritual practice one of the things I did daily was to always be sure I was putting on my “protective bubble.” But what if protecting yourself is not only unnecessary but also harmful to your receiving? You are an infinite being. You are one in everything. You have more than likely been and done everything this reality has to offer so why would you ever want to shut energy out? If you refuse or protect yourself from certain energy, let’s take anger as an example, you can never be aware when someone would choose anger. In protecting yourself from it you have actually stopped yourself from receiving when it is around you, therefore, leaving yourself susceptible to it.

2. Practice expanding until it becomes a habit.

The more you stay expanded, the more you are one with everything. You want to create a space of you that is one with all the molecules of the universe. If you don’t know how to expand, you can sign up on my website for my free series here or you can watch this video.

3. Pull energy all the time.

We are talking pure, positive life force energy, and not from any person, place or thing, but through people, places and things.

One of the myths I bought into hook, line, and sinker was the idea that if someone pulled energy through me they would drain my energy source. There is an abundant amount of energy available everywhere. You and I are part of this amazing energy source of abundant energy. Could it be possible that believing someone could “steal” your energy source a way to keep you locked up and limited? What if energy is abundant? What if when you pull through someone you are actually just getting the energy of them and what's currently happening for them? And even deeper, what if when you pull from someone you can actually change their lives dramatically?

One of the things I have learned doing energy pulls for the last year is that there is an abundant amount of people in this universe who no one ever receives from, no one. The old lady at the grocery store who lives on her own who has no family near who only leaves her house to go to the store and church. If you pull energy through her and fully receive from her, yes you will feel her sadness, you may even be aware of how lonely she is. But what you will do is you will actually receive all those feelings into your body and pull them through. And by pulling that energy you may even allow new energy to come in, giving her a different choice. You may even leave her feeling refreshed and renewed and potentially even smiling. You will NOT hurt her in any way. You may actually change her day or even her life.

4. Receive the energy through every molecule of your body.

While you pull energy to receive it through your whole body. Allow it to go through your body and out the other side. To pull energy: Envision a huge tidal way of energy, like the sea. This tidal wave of energy is behind the person or thing you are going to pull from. Pull this energy wave through the person or thing and then allow the energy wave to come to you and go through you. Let the energy flow. Play with it. The more you do it the easier and faster you can do it. It doesn’t take long and you don’t have to pull from someone for a long time. Just for 30 seconds or a minute. The more you do it the faster your awareness will come and the faster you will be at receiving. Remember when you pull from someone you are actually replenishing them with new abundant life force energy. You will NEVER remove something someone doesn’t desire to part with, but you may offer them a different option. You can never take from anyone just receiving awareness.

5. Really allow yourself to receive the information and remember- its just information.

Allow yourself to just receive as the energy flows from them to you, its just information. There is nothing you have to be or do with it. Just be with it. You can even acknowledge the information but don’t try to figure it out or try to do anything with it. Its just information.

6. Don’t get attached to the stuff you are receiving.

Never try to “do” anything with the information you received. Just get that, that was what you received and be okay with it. If you receive information that someone is sad. You do not have to do anything with that. You can be okay with their choice. We live in this society that locks up and limits us so severely because we always feel like we have to do something with the information we receive and then we stop receiving because we get overwhelmed with the constant feeling of letting ourselves down because we didn’t help or didn’t rescue someone. What if that’s how we keep our selves from receiving? What if your not bad or wrong when you have awareness someone is sad and you don’t do anything about it? What if you're receiving their sadness in totality without trying to fix them is the one thing they require to see they have different choices. What if pulling energy and receiving that sadness actually can allow them to let it go? What if that is all that’s required? But if you then feel like you have to go and confront the sadness it may just solidify in all over again. What if receiving from others without being attached or doing anything about it could change not only your life but all of those around you?

7. Stop judging you!

Nine times out of ten what you feel like is judgment is really awareness. You are not judgemental, you are aware of everyone and everything people are going through. Just receive it and remind yourself you are just a conduit. You do not have to make anything you are hearing right or wrong. Everyone is on their own journey.

8. Ask questions.

When all else fails- ask questions about the information you are receiving and allow yourself to have awareness about what you are receiving and where you are resisting, reacting, agreeing or aligning. When pulling and receiving remember, you do not have to do anything! If you do get awareness that you are required to do something, please keep in mind that some people may be carrying energy around that they have no idea they are even holding onto and others may be completely fine with what they are choosing. Please DO NOT pull energy from others to be superior and decide you have to go tell a complete stranger what you just received. You are doing these pulls to allow yourself to expand your receiving. In order to really expand your receiving having no point of view about what people are choosing will create the most for you and your life. And in turn, may create more for others as well. But either way, this exercise is about you and where you may not be receiving, not about others. You not pulling from people so you can learn about others, you are doing this to expand what you will receive. If you are pulling from someone because you require more awareness of something then ask your questions then. Like I recently went to a little boy's birthday party, I had no idea what he would like, so I pulled energy from him and asked questions. I went to the toy aisle, pulled energy from the boy and the toys. When I found one I thought would be one he liked I picked it up and asked questions. I pulled energy to find one I know would create more for his life.

9. Stand in your awareness.

Don’t doubt what you know when you pull energy. Stand in it and don’t take it too seriously or second guess yourself. Stay out of your head and go with what the energy told you.

10. Acknowledge your awareness.

Always thank yourself for expanding your awareness and receiving. The more you acknowledge you the greater your receiving and awareness will be.

These tips are to help you expand your receiving. Once you understand that you can have anything and everything you desire as long as you can receive it, you can get that the key to having everything is the ability to receive anything.

About the author

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator, author, podcast host, wife, mother, empath, and energy healer. Jamie's podcast, Expand Your Reality offers a wide variety of tools and healing processes that are also found in her many workshops and online programs. Check them all out at


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