Change your mind about money for more money with ease!

Money is just an energy.  Tap into your flow and create more from the magic money can be!

Money Magic Boot Camp
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Join me for three months of clearings, pulls and tools to create more money than you ever imagined possible!

*This program is already recorded. Start your 90-day journey as soon as you sign up! 

  1. Get clear about money! How much money do you require? What have you decided is "a lot" of money? The first step in creating abundance is getting clear about what you have decided "you require." Is that truly enough? And what have you decided is a lot? When you think about a lot of money, how much is that? Many people are surprised to find out, its very low amounts. Step one of this program gets you clear!

  2. How much can you receive? Are you aware that you have a certain amount of money that you can receive? If you go beyond that number you will actually never actualize it. The key is to start where you are. Learn to out create that amount and work your way into more and more.

  3. Clear out those negative thoughts around money. Deep dive into the depths of those negative thoughts about the who, what's and why's of money and plant something greater.

  4. Master the art of ask and receive and become the money magnet you have always desired to be!


Find your flow of wealth and stand in it permanently!

Not Currently Available

We will be clearing the deepest energetic realms of:

  • You can't be clear about what you spend.

  • All you want to do is spend money when you have it.

  • You can't keep money.

  • Money is hard to come by.

  • Having money or the thought of money gives you anxiety.

  • You aren't allowed to have control over your money situation.


This course will include:

  • 90 audios- short recordings with expansions, clearings, receiving and or pulls.

  • Money “tool box” sheets.

  • Three or more deep dive calls- longer calls with the focus on clearing out view points stopping you.

  • Wealth energetic expansions.  Energetic wealth integration's that will expand you into the wealth of being embodied and being compensated for choosing to be embodied.


We will be diving into:

  • Clearing money karmic debt. Expect to receive from unexpected places.

  • Clearing constructs and structures around lack. We will create a new place for you to function from with money.

  • Making the demand for money to show up and show up now.

  • Clearing pathetic with money. Time to embrace what you know and be compensated for your brilliance.

  • Being the true space of wealth. What does it take to maintain the wealth vibration- really being that so it has no choice but to actualize.

  • Creating and generating the Eb and flow of money.

  • Creating money as something that adds value to your life not something that is a necessity.

  • Changing your money mind set.

Where are you locked up in the old energies of money?

Time to have some new space around money?

Change your energy around money and change your life for good.

Not Currently Available