Expand Your Awareness




Join Jamie Bates for a three-day event.

Here you will experience hands-on healing, verbal processing and life-changing experiences. 





Give yourself the space. 

Join me for a reality changing experience!

This course will be unlike anything you have ever done before!

Day one: 

We meet at 6pm EST

Introduction to the course. 
Everyone will receive an energy invocation plus a personalized session with me as we talk about bodies and how they receive information. 

Prepare yourself for personalized insight from Jamie on how your body receives information as she works with you to open the flood gates of your personal story. 

Day two: 

We start at 10am EST

Here we will begin with what is coming up for you. This day we will be deep diving into all the information that is coming up around our releases. We will do lots of clearings and healing tools to create more space and possibilities. We will also be learning and doing different energy processes. 

Day three:

We start at 10am EST

Here we will be doing lots of rebuilding. This day will focus on manifesting experiences and having the life we would love to have. Energy work and last day invocation with Jamie.

Snacks and drinks will be provided  daily. 

All live courses postponed for now. 


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