Want to live stream with Jamie and some friends?

Learn, have fun and get paid!

Gather some of your friends and get paid to learn!

Market and host Jamie live stream or in person.

What is required:

  • A space to host- your home or healing center. If you are renting a space- AKA healing center room, Jamie will pay a flat fee- but there are details that must be discussed further. If rental fee applies a person minimum is required. Plus Jamie pays commission.

  • One massage bed per 2 people.

  • Light snacks and drinks should be provided- Jamie will pay you additional money for snacks.

  • A minimum of three full paying guests.

What are the commission rates:

  • Three paying friends plus your payment- 30 percent

  • Five or more friends- 35 percent plus your class is free.

I will also provide money for snacks and rental fees based on the number of participants. My goal is to help you provide an amazing environment for others to learn and to help you have fun!