Healing 101

Live stream with Jamie Bates

Join Jamie for a live stream healing class where you will learn hands on techniques to heal your body, shift your mindset and co-create with the Universe.

Join Jamie LIVE stream!

Grab a friend and get ready to be wowed by your healing abilities!

I will show you easy to use techniques to create a strong flow of healing energy you will feel! Seriously! Do you currently do Reiki but hardly feel the flow? Well no more. I will walk you through some amazing processes that will amp up your healing flow dynamically!

Join me live as I show you several different energy processes that will increase your life force, clear out your energetic crap and get you flowing with some powerful healing energy!

This class will include:

  • a healing 101 manual with step by step instructions on how to do several different healing energies and how to use the stones provided.

  • a crystal tool box: a fluorite pyramid, a selenite heart, a selenite wand, and two selenite palm stones.

This will be a live class with me. Next date TBA


You will also receive a healing attunement by me for you approx 1-3 days before class. This attunement will open you up to a greater expansion of you and cut cords. I will personally email you to let you know what time I will be doing your attunement and I will message you after giving you any messages I received.

This live stream class will be best if you have a partner to practice with as we will be requiring someone to assist and to practice on. So grab and friend and get registered for a discount!

The price for the class is $200. per person or $350. for two. 18 and under is half price.

There will be limited live spaces available, sign up early to reserve yours!

This class will give you a new space to show up. It will create a greater expansion of you and give you some daily energy exercises you can use daily to empower and create more of you. These techniques are tools I personally use to stand in me firmly creating more power and potency than ever before.



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Two person payment

Have a group of friends that would like to join us live?

Contact me for information on being a live host!