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The Energetic Receiving Method

is a set of energy processes to heal, transform and create your life.

This is a complete course to teach you how to exist in this reality as an Empath and or Energetically Sensitive person!


The Energetic Receiving Method is various energetic processes to shift your personal energy system. This change in energy allows stored belief systems and old emotional paradigms to be shifted and released. Then offers a powerful process to feel what is true for you.  Allowing a clear direction on how to create what you desire. This process deepens and expands your inner awareness giving you a clear path to your intuition.

This is a complete method that solves all the issues you may have as an empath or an energetically sensitive person! 

No more:

  • Taking on other people's personal problems or emotions- learn how to process information through your body instead of personally internalizing it.


  • Allowing people to take advantage of you or manipulate you- learn how to be aware of what people are capable of so you don't get fooled by who they are.

  • Being abused by the narcissists in your life- learn how to set boundaries and stop being the effect of the narcissist in your life. 

  • Feeling emotionally out of control- learn to clear the stuff that creates you feeling like an emotional crazy person and have ease in interaction.

  • Reliving your old pain- learn to heal your past images so your life doesn't feel so heavy and hard. 

  • Extreme exhaustion and mental overload- learn how to be present in your life. 

Access your truth and align with your greatest expression! 

This program will teach you:

  • How to live in a constant state of receiving- receiving is key to unlocking your life in all aspects. Learn to receive the life of your dreams!

  • Clear what is blocking you- deep dive into your energetic blocks!


  • Heal your life- get access to techniques you can use to completely change your past, giving you newfound freedom in the present. End the suffering of emotional abuse and painful memories. 

  • Instilling successful boundaries- stop attracting and aligning with people who make you feel yucky about yourself. Learn to be the kind, caring being you are without attracting people who take advantage of your kindness. Create a tribe of people who show up for you and support you for who you are.


  • Being present in your body and your life- learn to tell what is true for you by how it feels. This is a life-changing process! No more trying to figure out your life. Just check in to see what something feels like and create your life with ease.


  • Consciously create what you desire- learn how to frequency match vibrations and consciously choose a life you love! 

  • Align with what you desire- learn to stand so dynamically in the vibration you desire that it has no choice but to show up! 

This program is now available as the part of the core program of the conscious empath tools. This program is currently only available inside Being The Conscious Empath. 

When you purchase Being The Conscious Empath program, you get access to over 100 hours of audios that all coincide with the modules of this programs so you also get a library full of audios that will:

  • Clear energetic blocks just by listening!

  • Teach you how to ask and receive anything you desire with ease!

  • Heal old emotional wounds and old mental pictures!

  • Say no and create situations that align with your life!

  • Attract your soul tribe!

  • End the rabbit hole of I DON'T KNOW!

  • Make conscious choices that expand your life!

  • Align with exactly what you desire!

If you are ready to heal your life, learn a new way to be and create a life you love, this program is for you! 

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