Creating Choices is a series that will help you untangle and unwind the paradigm of choice.

As a society we are not raised understanding how to make choices. Hence the reason why most of us adults have no idea what we desire out of life.

From a young age we are taught to continuously check in to see what we can have and choose. This creates form and structure that creates conflict in the choice making process. It is not generally something we know how to do.

Have you ever heard the story of Elizabeth Smart? She was kidnapped and taken by foot just a few miles from her home. She was never tied up. She was left alone multiple times for many hours. She never one time tried to escape. She never left. She was identified months later on an outing with her abductor and was rescued. Many people have questioned, why she never left. She never left because she was paralyzed in no choice.

You see her abductor raped her the night her removed her from her home. She was raised in a strict religious home where premarital sex was one of the worst sins she could commit. Once she was raped she became paralyzed in a no choice situation. Unable to move she stayed where she was.

I see this daily. So many people creating a no choice universe for themselves and their children daily. A place where they become so fearful of what their choice may cause they make no choice at all. Its easier to stay paralyzed in the fear of what maybe created than to move forward with any choice. Are you struggling with the fear of what your choices create? Or just plain unable to choose what works for you?


In this series we will be diving deep. Deep into the recesses of no choice. This series will untangle you and unwind you from the no choice universe and bring you into a space of choice and possibilities. It will also assist you in creating a space of allowance for others and the choices they make and create for them.

This series includes nine calls and is available EXCLUSIVELY in Being The Conscious Empath


Call one: Clearing the family viewpoints and constructs- creating a new path for you.

Also available:

Breaking the family ties that bind.

Unraveling the religious concepts.

Revoking the banking systems.
Untangling the molecules from the no choice structures and constructs.

Removing the veils of no choice- clearing the unconscious energies

Freeing yourself sexually- stepping into choice and awareness with sex.

Standing in allowance of choices even when they don't match what you would choose.

Getting clear about where you are not present with what you would like to choose.

Releasing your body from food choices and life choices that don't work for you.


If your ready for more choice check out this series now in Being The Conscious Empath​