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Cosmic Connection

Aligning with your souls match

In this course you will release the pain of old relationships, stop choosing people who aren't in alignment with you, know when you meet someone if they are a match, and create the space for your perfect match to show up.

Once you know exactly what you are looking for you will find your match with ease!

After helping others align with their match I have mastered a process that will unwind you from what you don't want and align you with the love of your dreams!

If your ready to find your match join me on a mission to alignment!

In four short months I will teach you how to:


  • Release the pain of the past. Here we will be releasing past trauma of situations where you showed up and no one had your back. Why don't you ever get the support you provide to others? Let's fully heal this area of your life so you can move on.

  • Stop assuming and projecting relationship with others who aren't capable of receiving you. This is a tangled slope. Here is where you meet someone and decide they are the one, then you spend weeks to months feeling hurt or upset about why they don't treat you how you want to be treated.

  • Release the internalization that something is “wrong” with you because other people can't acknowledge you're brilliant. Stop cycling in the “whys” of relationship. There is nothing wrong with you, you're just not choosing a relationship that expands you.

  • Find exactly what it is you are looking for in relationship and start living in that space energetically.

  • Know when you meet someone if they “match” what your looking for so you no longer have to waste time and space with people who don't work for your life.

  • Become the frequency match to what you are looking for, here it has no other choice but to actualize!


This program will include:


  • 8 weeks of audios

  • A cosmic connection workbook filled with life changing information

  • 4 live group calls


If you're ready to find your souls match now is the time to dive in!
In as little as four months you will have a clear picture of who it is you are searching for and potentially already be in alignment with them!

Join me now for $444.00

If you would like additional support throughout this journey

I have 2 VIP spaces available where you can get 4 personal sessions with me during this journey for only $1111.00

This program starts Tuesday February 5th

How this program works:


Tuesday February 5th you will receive an email with a group of audios. These audios will vary in length from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. Each audio will address different topics around relationship. There will also be different energetic transmissions to help heal the body.

You will receive a packet of audios each and every Tuesday for eight weeks.

We will meet on 4 different Mondays at 7pm EST. Each Monday we meet will be a live recorded call. You are welcome to contribute with questions and or information. This call will be recorded and sent to everyone in the group.

Dates as follows (subject to change)

February 11th

February 25th

March 11th

March 25th

We will be going deep, expect to show up and create change for yourself and your life.

If you want to create massive change join me for the VIP spot and get 4 life changing sessions with me for only $1111.00