The Consciousness Playground is a membership community to support you in living a conscious and aware life.


The Consciousness Playground includes a proven step by step process that includes everything you will need to clear away unconscious energies, heal your past and create your future. 

We are currently awakening to our truth that we are powerful infinite beings. Learn to easily release the old energetic connection points and uncover the true power and essence of who you are!

The Playground is designed to teach your step by step how to live as an energetically sensitive person. Go from struggling to be present to having life show up for you! Learn incredible tools that lead you to different programs that will not only give you real-world examples, they will also clear the blocks that are keeping you creating the struggle! 


Do any of these apply to you?

     You're struggling to make connections with others that actually work for you. Often you're overwhelmed and under-appreciated. 

     You're suffering from emotional overload, it feels too hard to make changes on your own. 

     You're continually replaying past hurts and it's hard to trust anyone moving forward. It feels like you may never find anyone you can trust. 

     You know the kind of life you want to live, but self-limiting beliefs are holding you back from choosing anything different. 

     You're lacking the belief or the confidence that your life can be any different. 

     You often overdue for others. You know so much so it always feels as though you should help but helping leaves you feeling deflated. 

     You have studied a lot of personal development and new age tools but it doesn't seem like any of them really work for you. 

Then you're in the absolute right place and the timing couldn't be more perfect! 


If you are ready to:

  • Stop internalizing other people's pain.

  • Stop feeling responsible for what other people choose.

  • Release the pain of your past choices.

  • Release the pain of things that happened to you.

  • Stop living with anxiety, guilt, shame, and emotional upset.

  • Release the idea that life will never change for you.

  • Learn tools and processes you can use to create a life that works for you.

Go beyond your limiting programming and emotional upset and learn to live in the ease of this reality. 

Join me now to be part of an amazing group of people to access over100 hours of reality changing, life expanding audios, exercises, processes and tools. The very tools that have helped hundreds of people release and remove themselves from toxic viewpoints, relationships, and change their reality. 

Change made quick and easy! 

I have designed the consciousness playground for the ease of use. Everything can be easily accessed instantly! Listening for just a few hours a month will create waves of real change that will leave you feeling free of emotional upset and empowered to create your very own reality!

Included in the membership portal

Universal stories that will expand your reality creating a lightness of being that is unmatched. 

An easy to follow step by step design that will teach you how to use consciousness tools for pretty much any situation. No more feeling overwhelmed, over emotional or over processed. Learn how to exist in this world differently. 

Clearings that create change on reality changing topics such as shame, guilt, fear, unworthiness and more. Imagine never being the effect of these emotions again! 

Listen to audios with processes you can go back and use and actually FEEL your life showing up differently. 

Power activations and healings that will teach you how to FEEL your truth in your body. Learn to live in the lightness by easily releasing everything that is weighing you down. 

Learn tools and processes to be able to FEEL what is true for you in your body. This revolutionary process gives you access to your inner knowing giving you a way to tap into living your truth. Learn to always know what to choose, do and or be to live your best life. 

Healings that will guide you through a series of powerful energy pulls, energy clearings and gratitude circles that will heal the pain from your past. These clearings include healings to heal the relationship to yourself, your family members, friends, situations and tramatic experiences. These processes will not only release and remove the emotional upset they will change your realtionship to yourself and others. 

Get clear about what it is you truly desire from this reality and learn a life changing process to receive everything you desire. Learn an easy ask and receive process that will allow you to actualize your dreams. Plus access hours upon hours of learning to receive from everyone and everything! This creates you receiving discounts, unexpected money, massive free items and so much more! 

Live calls with Jamie Bates. Ask questions, get live facilitations and get the change you desire. 

Never released healings and clearings with Jamie. And membership exclusives!

Easy to access audios, healings and clearings ranging from 5 minutes to 55 minutes.

Current Audios Include:

  • Releasing and removing emotional paradigms causing looping pain. No more suffering with anger, guilt, overwhelm, shame, and so many more.

  • Healings and energy clearings to release emotional trauma, painful memories, bad experiences, and past emotional scaring events. Imagine not having to relive painful memories any longer. 

  • Healings and energy clearings to change your relationship with your children, spouse, family members, friends, and acquaintances. Completely change the way you function with everyone around you. And the best part about this? No one even remembers the painful times. It's like waving a magic wand and having your relationship to others magically change!

  • Letting go of emotional paradigms like unworthiness, undeserving, and unacknowledge. Get the attention, acknowledgement, and caring you always desired. 

  • Learn how to show up differently in this world that will change everything!

Jump in now and learn how to exist as an energetically sensitive person and create a life you love to live in. 


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