Creating gratitude as an autoresponder.


  • What if you always got to choose gratitude?

  • What if instead of being in daily upset you could reprogram your mind to choose what your day will be like?

  • What if gratitude for what could be created was at the forefront of your mind daily?


Join me for an expansive gratitude journey where every day for 30 days you started your day in the gratitude of what could be created?

This journey will include short daily audio with clearings, asking, receiving and mindset shifts to begin your day with thoughts of expansion that creates ripples of change throughout your life.

This journey will also include a few longer audios where we shift and change some of the old negative mindset actions and build new form and structure of gratitude and expansion.


This journey will be exclusive to the membership only! The live journey will go from December 1st till December 30th. If you join us in the membership before that or during that time frame you will additionally receive the daily audios in a daily email. After that all recordings will be available in the playground. So if you are already a member, no sign up required! This class is a member-only perk! 


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