30 days

of business creation

Feeling the pull to create your business but don't know where to start? Are you a change agent who's feeling lost? Ready to dive into something different?

Join Jamie for 30 days of clearings, pulls and information to catapult you and your business into creation. 

Business creation can be difficult no matter what stage you are in. Feeling overwhelmed in where to go and what to do can create lots of upset for yourself and your business.


What if creation and creating your business can be easy? What if no part of it has to be a struggle? Get into the flow of what is required of you by taking each day step by step.

Join Jamie for 30 days of audios where she will share her secrets to creating tons of content, connecting with her tribe easily and being in allowance of what wants to be created even when you may have other ideas!

This 30 days will have information on how I create my programs. Insider information on things like how to build automation and how to easily attract those looking for you without social media.

This 30 days will also include a daily slow down, a clearing to help you create content and an energetic connection to your tribe.


Each day during this 30 days Jamie will encourage you to create something for your business that will lay a foundation for forward movement. After creating for 30 days straight you will be clear about your message and who you are serving. You will also be connected to your tribe fully, engaging energetically being in allowance of their support.

If your looking to connect and  catapult your business, join me for 30 days of business creation and start creating new energies for your business today!

This program is not currently available.