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and live your best life as an Empath


How do I know if I'm an Empath? 

As an empath you may have had some extensive struggles in your life. Below are some common issues us Empaths face.

  • You attract narcissistic people who often make you feel bad about who you are. 

  • You care deeply for others often more than you care for yourself.

  • You feel often as though you are being taken advantage of, you treat people as you want to be treated but feel this isn't reciprocated. 

  • You are uncomfortable in this reality and feel often separate from others and like you don't belong here.

  • You feel drained and emotionally overwhelmed often.

  • You identify easily with other people's pain and are often emotionally sensitive to everything, even television shows may upset you. 

If this describes you, you are definitely an Empath and you are in the right place! 

Here you will find tons of tools, daily rituals and energy exercises that will help you learn a new way to be!