Awaken & Align

Awaken all of you and Align with your true self

  • Get present in your life.

  • Stop resisting and reacting to other peoples choices and actions. 

  • Release the self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

  • Set up boundaries to protect your life with active choices that support an aware life. 

  • Learn to frequency match and align with a life you love!

  • Step into your power with ease. 

Awaken and Align in 2020 ​
This program is for people who are ready to make BIG permanent changes in their life!
Awaken and Align will take your life to a new level and help you get clear about who you are! 
This program will:
  • take you step by step into being present with your life, present with the behaviors and energy patterns that are stifling you. 
  •  show you how to identify and release the energy patterns that create chaos.
  • give you real tools, worksheets and energy exercises to expand your essence that will easily create the expression of you showing up stronger. When you show up life gets easier and better fast!
  • unpack and unwind the deep-rooted trauma with exclusive energy healings and energetic untangles that heal lifetimes of trauma. 
  • create healthy boundaries. Learn a powerful technique to energetically say no and stand in your power with everyone around you. This not only creates more ease for you and your body it actually changes the way others show up in your life!
  • create a life goal map and learn how to invoke energies to create exactly what you desire showing up!
  • learn how to easily make choices and release choices without the blame, shame, regret and guilt. 
  • get uber clear about what you want your life to be like and easily align your life with it!
This is a 6 month program self-study program with support from me. 
Included in the program will be: 
  • exercises, healings, worksheets, tons of audios and videos that you will have access to for the lifetime of the program. 
  • a step by step 6 month program that will guide you into greater awareness, all you have to do is sign on and follow the program. You will feel and see significant change just by listening and following along!
  • an interactive facebook group where you can ask questions, share awareness and or insight and get support no matter where you are on your journey. 
  • monthly live calls with Jamie Bates that you can join no matter where you are in your journey. Get on and get inspired to take action in your life!
This program will change the way you show up in life!
About the teacher: 
Jamie Bates is a multi-dimensional healer and facilitator that has been helping people with ascension and healing for over a decade. She has developed a set of tools and processes that she has used over and over to create dramatic healing and results for thousands of people. 
This course is not currently active. 


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