Ask and you shall's Universal law.

Join me on a 30-day journey to learn how to ask and always receive!

This 30-day course will teach you step by step how to be an energetic receiver and how to actualize the life of your dreams!

If you would like too:

  • have tons of new possibilities.

  • live in the flow of massive ease.

  • create a new way to relate to this reality.

  • have ease in your body.

  • have joy just show up throughout your day.

  • create your life as a continuous expansion.

  • ask and always receive.

This course is for you! 

Right now you can purchase this life-changing course for only $36.00!
Imagine what you could create if you knew the secrets to asking and always receiving!

Join me on an ask and receive journey that will change the way you function!

This journey will:

1. Teach you step by step how to ask and receive.

Universal law states "Ask and you shall receive" Are you done feeling like you are just unlucky or life isn't fair? Are you aware that there is an easy way to ask from the Universe and RECEIVE the space of it and actualize anything with ease? Well there is and I will teach you! 

2. Create a new space.

You will learn how to put away your constant mind chatter and learn how to be space. In this space you will FEEL how easy it is to align with new and greater possibilities!

3. Learn expansive phrases that will align you with your dreams.

You will learn tons of expansive phrases to align you with the unique vibration that you are! You will learn to ask from your unique blue print which will align you with energies that are uniquely yours creating you in alignment with your dreams!

4. Stop the constant worry.

When you know that you can ask and receive the Universe for anything you get out of worry and you get into action! Often times we spin on worry when we are not truly in alignment with our dreams. During this life changing program you will learn to end the worry and stand in knowing.

5. Align your life with who you be.

Asking and receiving on this level creates a normal expansion of who you be. When you expand at this level you start easily attracting and aligning with your tribe.

6. Create your life as a continuous expansion.

This course will teach you how to be in the flow of expansion that will create the ease you have been desiring!

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What is included in this ask and receive journey?

This journey includes:

  • Four long calls with Jamie explaining the process of asking and receiving.

  • Plus 26 short pre-recorded audios- one every day for 30 days delivered daily to remind you to stay engaged!  

  • Many different ask and receive sheets to ask and receive:               EASE, ALIGNMENT, MONEY, AND JOY

This journey has already been recorded live, but don't worry! You can join the 30 days for $36.00 delivered daily to your inbox! This will change your life. 
This ask and receive journey has already created so much for so many! What will it create for you?

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