30 daysof $$$ pulls

Have more money now!

Open yourself up to a continuous flow of more money in your life by asking for more money daily!

Universal Law States: Ask and You Shall Receive

During these 30 days you will learn to

  • Stay expanded.

  • Ask for money, deals and free stuff.

  • Contribute to those around you.

  • Find the peace and ease inside you.

What will you buy with your extra funds?

This is not available currently.

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What is a money pull?

Watch this video and learn how to use these pulls to create more money in your life! 

These pulls will create:

  • Money showing up from unexpected places. People who owe you money, businesses that owe you money, refunds from unexpected places, and people who want to pay you money! How cool is that?
  • Discounts from all over! Including your monthly bills! Ever had a water bill show up for free? Or how about a $1000. phone bill credit? Well I have! People who play with pulls with me experience unexpected discounts all the time!
  • Free items. For real though. Free items. Have you ever bought something online only to find the order was doubled? Have you ever purchased something to later find out it was free? It happens more than you think!
  • Massive receiving from all over. When you practice pulling you open the doorway to the universe to gift you massively.
  • Gifting becomes ease. When you start receiving more it allows you to gift more!

Here are some of the recent participants had to say:


"I just got a hospital refund check for $899. I have less than $50 dollars to my name right now and

a doctor this afternoon I couldn’t pay for. I’m in tears. Thank you, universe and Jamie"

"Day 9 was amazing. I truly felt the energy shift! It's like I'm in a whole new space!"

"This summer I ruined the motor in my truck. I lost compression in number seven in the motor. It had 188,000 miles on it. And my truck is a 2007 and it was rusting out. It wasn’t really worth putting the money in but I still owe $9000 on it. During the 30-day money pulls I included my truck to pay me. My truck hit some black ice. No one got hurt and it totaled out the truck. They paid off my loan. And paid me $109."

"Wow Thank you, Jamie, gotta say that the second audio I listened to brought up some areas where I was cutting myself off and some major sticks, I pondered over it for a day and found how much awareness I opened up to and I let that shit go... Holy smokes I feel so open now in all areas, I work in a consignment shop and also sell there too and had some items that were not moving, guess what this week Sold! I was so in my head that it was overwhelming now I feel more at ease..can't wait to hear more thank you for the gift you are <3 #30daymoneypulls"

You can also search #30daysofmoneypulls and see some more amazing testimonials!

What are you waiting for? Is now the time for you to have more money in your life?

*this program is already recorded and currently not available. 

Not currently available